Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy Happy me!

I had such an amazingly fun birthday! I kinda got a birthday week - those are the best! Last Wednesday Karli took me to lunch and we had a wonderful time! She is such a sweet friend, love her so much! That night Kimi and I went to coffee and talked for 3 hrs straight! We don't get together near enough! It was fun and hopefully Ryan lets her go out with me again. :) Thursday I got all sorts of phone calls and emails, made me feel so special!! Jason surprised me and came home early from work with flowers, candy and a sweet card! I was not home when he got there - cause it was a surprise and I didn't know he was coming - but I got home shortly after and it was great.
Then came the weekend! YEA!! Jason took me to Boise for the night. My parents watched the kids for us. Which was so sweet cause they are so busy and stressed with their move but always willing to help us out! THANKS!!! We stayed at Hotel 43 - CUTE fun place! Loved it!! We walked downtown, found a fun place to eat and then relaxed for the night at our super chich hotel. :) We slept in until 9:00 am!!!! Usually I had been up for hours and just putting the babies down for a nap at 9! We went to breakfast at Elmers (way yummy) did a little shopping and went to the Boise fair. FUN FUN FUN! We went home and had family pictures taken - in a thunder and lightning storm! They were so fun and I think they are going to turn out great.

Sunday my Mom and Dad took me out to lunch for my bday. Bianca, Jacob, Jason and the kiddos were all there too. We ate at Wingers, one of my favorites. The babies were a little hard to handle but we made it through and came back home for Dairy Queen ice cream cake. YEA! And I think that about covers it. It was a great birthday!! I am so blessed to have so many people love me and make me feel special.

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