Saturday, February 25, 2012

True Love

9 years of being married to this hottie! 9 years makes me feel a little old...I am pretty sure I can't be old enough to be married that long. Haha...I am so thankful for this man God brought into my life. Can't imagine going through life with anyone else!
Jason is one of the most giving, selfless people I know. He is forever taking care of me and always putting my needs first. We have definately had some hard years, some crazy, some really fun, some sad, some filled with finding out we're expecting triplets, having preemie triplets, raising triplets (haha you get the point) He's always there, always loving and giving.
We had a wonderful weekend away in Boise. Got a great room-a suite-at our favorite place to stay. Lots of eating out at delicious restaurants, shopping, furniture shopping, watching movies, getting dessert crepes and even some working out. Lots of relaxing and hanging out which was really needed! My parents were very sweet to watch the kids for us and sounded like they all had a blast! They sure do love it there which is a blessing for me. All in all a great weekend, thankful we were able to get away! Happy Anniversary Babe! I sure love you!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Valentines Day Fun

We had a fun Valentines Day! The morning of we had some fun little surprises for the kids. They thought that was pretty fun! Jason and I had decided to go pretty small this year but we still got each other a little something special! :) I am pretty sweet on my Valentine, he's a pretty great guy!
We had a fun morning filled with games and treats - including heart shaped donuts and candy in our milk. Then we got ready for our party for lunch.

Grammy, Grandpa Randy, Pop pop, Great Grandma, Kristen and Jonah all came over for a special lunch. The kids had strabwerry milk and heart shaped sandwhiches. The adults had salad, fruit salad  and chicken salad sandwhiches. Lots of salad huh? Mom made a coconut cream pie that was DELICIOUS! Mmmm...

 It was a great day! We had a nice pulled pork dinner as a family and just chilled for the evening.
 Fun day with some special people!

 LOVE this baby! He's so sweet - makes our parties even more fun!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine Fun

I didn't get any pictures - which I hate but had to document our fun morning anyway! The kids and I got up early today and we made some Valentine sugar cookies. The kids were a great help! It is fun that they are getting old enough to help with this kind of thing! We made heart cookies and frosted them red with red sprinkles. I had some cute heart plates we put them on wrapped up with cute red ribbon. 
We made Valentines with their hand prints on them and I wrote "You are hands down our favorite Valentine" Haha..corny huh? Came up with it on my own! After that we rushed out and hand delivered our goodies to our Valentines. Fun day! The kids each took a turn getting out and carrying the goodies to the door. It was pretty dang cute. It was fun showing up and surprising everyone. 
Came home for a late nap. I was tired after all that fun, I tend to bite off more than I can chew...But it worked out and was great fun! We will have to make it a tradition. 
More fun to come tomorrow!! 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Celebrating Jonah

My mom and I threw a shower for Kristen and her first baby boy! Such an exciting thing that first little baby! We had a great turn out and the shower came together really cute. I went with an old fashioned toy theme. I loved it, and the best thing is I had almost everything I needed already! :)
We had fruit salad, cupcakes (with awesome paper cupcake holders that my cricut made) donut holes with sprinkles, ice cream and lemonade. Mmmm...wish I had some now!  
Mom planned the game  - a pretty funny one too! Kristen got a lot of nice gifts - it's one of the most fun parts! Lots of great visiting and fun with family and friends! Kristen makes a great mommy! Now she is all set up and ready for Jonah (and Sage) to come home! YAY!!