Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

We have a wonderful tradition of getting Christmas trees up in the hills every year after Thanksgiving. So Saturday after up we went! Still had a little energy left from the crazy shopping day Sheila and I did on Friday. (7:30am to 9!! :)) Curt and Rene' watched the kids, because let's face it trying to take 3 two year olds out of the truck, across creeks, up hills through 3 feet of snow and cut down a tree just wasn't gonna work! :) Hopefully next year...

Me and my honey had a wonderful date. I had so much fun, it's so nice to just have some time together!
Braden and Bro sledding! I wish I would have... :)
Nathan picked out and chopped his own tree for his room. That was cute!

Love these two!
Trying to get around in that snow!

Jason made ME chop down the tree. Though this picture doesn't show it I did get better technique as I went!
My studly man!
(He did drag the tree and load - just made me chop it! :))

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Snowy Days

We have been enjoying the piles of snow that our little town has been getting! It's been fun to watch the kids play in it and enjoy it. I did have to shovel a few paths in the beginning because we had SO much!
Brogan came to play - they were all stuck!
The slide their awesome Daddy built for them! He's such a good Daddy!
They loved it!

Uh yep - Just NOW posting on Thanksgiving!

Had a great Thanksgiving this year! Aunt Boo always hosts at her house and does a wonderful job with some yummy food. Jason bought a deep fryer and deep fried our turkey this year. That was pretty yummy! Aunt Boo always invites my family along with the McKinney clan which I love. It's nice to not have to rush around to all the different dinners just hangout and enjoy each other! We had to cancel our annual Turkey Bowl this year because of the very cold temps outside. Such a bummer because I know our kiddos would have loved it. Next year! Good day - so much to be thankful for!
The Martindale Clan
Aunt Kristen and Blake reading Aunt Boo's new and very cool books.
Our wonderful host and my mom!
Madison LOVES Aunt Boo's piano! She would play it for hours!
Me and my honey - sure am thankful for him!
My Dad, constantly torturing his grandchildren. And yet, they still think he's pretty awesome!!
Bianca and the boyfriend, Silas! :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Today was a hard day. Jason is working his 8 day hitches - get's to be a long week. BUT I decided when Jason got home we were going out to dinner as a family. And it was just the ticket. I think we all needed to get out and enjoy some family time together!! We went to our favorite mexican place, had a wonderful meal (with left overs!!) and drove around looking at a few Christmas lights. The kids thought that was great! It was so cute listeing to them ohh and ahh and shriek in the back seat. Kids after my own heart! Finished it off with reading from our advent book. So even though it was a hard day - we had a lovely evening!


to be thankful!

I have been having hard days with the kiddos. It seems like each day is just hard and that they are getting harder. Three 2 year olds that are in the major training season of life can get discouraging. But the Thanksgiving season has been good for me to realize how truly blessed I am, even on the hardest days! I am thankful that the Lord (and my hubby!!) have been faithful to remind me to remember the good things and to have my true joy in the Lord not my circumstances!! I'm a work in progress.

I am thankful for these little people that fill our house! It's a miracle that they are here and that they are completely healthy and doing wonderfully! It still amazes me to look back on our journey and the struggles with infertility, the high risk pregnancy and preemie babies. All that God has taken us through, all the scary risks and struggles. Here on the other side to see His hand working. It's easy to forget sometimes when I am in the thick of diapers, fights, training/discipline, food and all the other things that fill the day. But like I said God is faithful to remind me. So thankful for the joy and love these kids bring to our home!!

I am thankful for Jason!! What a man he is!! Such a servant, always looking out for me. Always putting me first. Always loving on me. Always helping with the kids and the house. He is such a good Daddy. He was born to be a parent. His training ideas with the kids amaze me and work so well. You don't see that often in a Dad and I LOVE it! He is such a hard worker. Works 10-12 hour days in the AWFUL weather. They don't get snow days, or when it's so hot. He's out there working hard for his family! Then he comes home and doesn't stop until bed. Love him!!

I am so thankful for the support system that I have with the kids. And it's more than that, these people that are so faithful LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my kids. It blesses my heart! I have a group of wonderful people that come out weekly to help me or give me a chance to get out if needed. That give me a place to stay or come stay with me. Thank you!! You have all been amazing!!