Sunday, July 22, 2012

We had another fun camping trip! This time with my family. We headed up the mountain to Lost Lake. We went over 4th of July and IT WAS PACKED! We ended up down a really rough (somewhat scary) road with NO shade. Yep, it was hot! Oh, and a lot of cows and their poop. Haha!
I love that we are friends with our family! That is such a blessing. We all enjoy spending time together and this campout was wonderful! We played games, had some YUMMY shared meals, hiked, put our chairs in the water to stay cool.
Can't wait for next camping season! We sure missed Bianca, Silas and Jake - it wasn't the same without them! Maybe next year!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer time

Jonah came and spent a night with us and Mom and Dad. We have done this a couple times! So fun! Makes me miss those baby days...
I threw a shower for my sweet friend Heather. She chose to be surprised on the gender of the baby (brave girl!) so I had to get creative. It came together great  - love that girl!
Had a little bit late of a Fathers Day celebration. There are too many confusing schedules in our family! So thankful for the wonderful man that is my Dad! I have been so blessed by him!

We did a lot of camping this year. The kids LOVE it and it's such a great family activity! This year was even more fun cause we got a 4wheeler. Oh yea! :) 
This camping trip was with Luke & Jamie and Brian & Sheila. Such great friends - what a blessing to have such great friendships!
My hunky man getting us firewood.
Aiden took all the kiddos on 4wheeler rides alllll day. He had a pretty awesome kid sized 4wheeler and drove like a pro. So fun for the kids!
We spent a lot of time with Aunt Boo. She stays the night with us each week while Jason is gone. I love the time I get to visit with her. She is such a neat person and has turned into such a great friend. The kids pretty much love her too! :)
Summer time!! LOTS of swimming time!
We had a very full summer! Lots of playdates, LOTS of camping, family get togethers and so much more! I love summertime and all the warm weather activities! What wonderful memories we've made!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fireworks, food and fun!

Another 4th of July BBQ at our house! We love this tradition!
Lots of good food (which is so important!) and lots of good friends (equally important! :))

Our family - how do these kids keep getting so big???
 Grandpa Curt and Baby Mo. Cam was making sure Gramps knows what he's doing! :)
 James checking out all the fun
 My 3 firecrackers (yep, a little corny but hey, they are so cute!)
 All the kids, I mean part kids - part teens!
 LOVE these guys!
 There were some pretty great volleyball games
 Grandpa Randy bought fireworks to share with all the kids. Pretty nice guy! The kids were really into them this year. It was pretty fun to watch them with them!

 They were so brave!

Another great year! SO thankful for our freedom!