Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Seriously, Designer Diapers?

Trippin' - Life with Triplets: Seriously, Designer Diapers?: "Is it just me, or have the diaper manufacturers lost their minds? First Huggies introduced their Jeans Diapers. They say, 'HUGGIES® gets ..."
I got a good laugh out of this! :) But, it is true - although I have been tempted to buy those little denim one just cause they are so darn cute!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wedding Bells!!!

Grace and Tyler are getting married!!
We are so very excited for you two!

Title....I can never come up with a title!

{Poor sickie - loves Dads chair!}
{Madisons first ponytail}
{Not a happy camper - not feeling well}

This week has flown! It has been somewhat of a trying week! We came home from camping with sick kiddos! Mom and Dad followed closely behind! We spent the first half of the week recovering and nursing the kiddos. So we just hung out at home, watched movies, broke up lots of fights between kiddos who didn't feel good and didn't sleep good, and tried to keep up with life.
{Cam got a haircut!}

Wednesday I walked with Sheila and tried to catch up on house work. I got a WONDERFUL break in the afternoon to get my hair done. I love getting my hair cut and colored! Always so fun! :) Rene' and Abigail came over to watch the kids for me. Jason gave me the night off since he was leaving the next morning.
Thursday Jason took off for some out of town work they got called out to do. He worked all week, Thursday included then worked until about 11 Friday night. The kids and I went and stayed with Kristen and Sage. We had a bbq with them and Sage's family on Thursday, it was fun to get to know them. Had a horrible night sleep that night - still having sick kids so sleeping at night is not going so hot! :P I got 3 hours that night, 3 hours Friday night. Not enough let me tell ya! Friday we tried to go swimming but this silly momma forgot to check the hours so we got all ready and went and they weren't open. So we played at the park instead. It was still fun but we REALLY wanted to go swimming! :) We just chilled for the rest of the day.
{The pool -sigh-we wish we were there!}
It was a really hard weekend. I tell you, God designed it to be a DADDY AND A MOMMY for a reason!!! It's been rough. I feel like we have hit some discipline and obeying roadblocks that I am having a hard time breaking through. It's even harder when Daddy isn't here to back me up and give me the support I need. The kids don't understand where he is and as for him often! I feel at a lose most days as how to handle them all! Especially cause they are still just toddlers, barely out of the baby stage and there are 3 of them and only one of me. I find I am often discouraged these days, then I feel discouraged about being discouraged! (Like that train of thought??? :) I want to enjoy this time, to soak it all in but the truth is it's just hard. And I think it will be for a while, especially until Jason is able to stay home. I do know though, that God knew these kids were coming, that He planned all alone for me to have all 3 of them, and to have all 3 all at once! So I know it's His perfect will and I know that He will see me through. And that might mean some days I do just "get through" the day - but that's seeing me through! And He is faithful to remind me that are such special little kiddos. They are learning and doing such funny things these days!! All their new funny things to come in the next post! :)
Jason is leaving in the morning to go and fight fires and fix lines that are down because of the fires.'s gonna be a long week. For both of us. Although, if I am hones with myself, he has it much harder! He will be working 16 hour days, sleeping the required 6 hours and then on to the 16 again. And it is not easy work. I have never fought fires, or worked in that kind of heat, or in that proximity to fires, or that kind of hard labor but I am guessing it's HARD, HOT and very TIRING!!! That man never stops - he is so amazing! I want to be like him when I grow up! Thanks Babe!
Now to bed - need to make up for all the hours I missed! :) Got to be ready to start my week off right - spending some time at church worshiping!

Friday, July 23, 2010

A new style of camping

We went camping last weekend in McCall. I think I like the easy style camping! We had A/C, heat, water hookups, town a couple blocks away, an AWESOME lake! The only thing that was killer was the sand box out our front door! I thought the kids would stay clean this time - NOT SO MUCH! That sand box was dirtier than any camping trip we have evern been on! Oh well! We still had a ton of fun though and can't wait until next year!
You gotta love a feet picture!
Jason's Mom and Dad came up for a day

My sweet nephews Brogan and Briscoe

Brian and Sheila
and Family
Madi and Blake havin' fun in the camper

The pretty lake - I LOVE the lake!
Madison was not as sure!
.. The family..
We are a wide load when we all go walking!

Lining them up to eat
Playin' and gettin' dirty! That's the life of kids, gotta love it!

Cam stayed like this for about a half an hour! He was trying to buckle the buckles!
Time to settle down, stories with Daddy!

Happy smiling boy!

Love my family!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A new found love

So, this is totally silly but fun! I have a new love of summer dresses this year. I have never been a huge dress wearer. I am wired kinda weird (most of you may not know that :)) and have always thought it was weird to just wear dresses during the day.for no reason. no church or dressy occasion. Silly right? I know, don't ask.
However this year - I am LOVING to live in summer dresses! They are comfy, cute and I love it! :) So, as much a nobody probably cares - that's what I had to say today! :)

One of my loves in life...

This is what I have been up to - as you can see I am WAY behind!!
But my goal is to get caught up this year so I am doing a couple pages a week as I can!
It's fun - I LOVE to scrapbook. I don't like digital as much as regular but it's much quicker!
These days I have to go with quicker!
And these days - I NEED quick! :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Here's the proof!! They are growing up WAYYYYY to fast! I don't know what happened to my tiny little babies. Even in just a year, so much changes! Wow!

4th of July 2009
4th of July 2010

Chubby little babyness

Looking so grown up and completely different!
BIG boys!
Bald and chubby - although he is still a little chubby! And I LOVE it! :)
I think Blake still has the same amount of hair! But he has lost his baby face!
Enjoying every minute with these cuties!

Hey, Hey, We're the Monkeys!

We found this great place to burn of energy in Boise! It's called Monkey Buiseness. SO cool and fun! They have great prices for the kids and the parents get in free but can still run around and play with the kids. I think that is awesome!
They have a ton of stuff to do and a whole separate toddler area if your little ones aren't brave enough for the "big stuf!"
They had a HUGE blow up slide that Madison and Blake thought they wanted to go down. I took both up at once and started to wonder what I had got myself into and if we would come out alive. I was even a little scared! :) It's a steep staircase that was hard to get up. I was pushing Blake up ahead of me and carrying Madison. Halfway up they got scared and didn't want to go but there was no going back! So up we went, pushing, crying and trying not to fall down the stairs! :) It was quite the experience. Then sliding down with both of the was hard too. You JET down that thing and I thought someone was going to get squished. We made it out alive and well but no wanted to try that again! We played for two hours though, climbing, crawling and jumping. We were all worn out by the end! It was sure fun though! And for the germ-a-phobes out there like me, they sanitize they place and make everyone wear socks so the germs aren't as bad! I have so far refused to let the kids play at a McDonalds or any place like that because I am terrified of how yucky they are! Havin kids in the NICU can seriously ruin you for life! Thankful for this fun place we found though! Excited to use it this winter!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Independence Day 2010

Happy Independence Day!!
We had a GREAT 4th! I am so thankful for our freedom! I don't often remember to think, really think about how blessed we are to live in America!! So thankful that we do live here, thankful for those who have given their lives for our freedom and those who continue to fight to protect it!

We had a grea bbq at our house. I think it is the new tradition since my parents moved away! We started out the weekend leaving the kiddos in Boise with my Mom and Dad. They gave us two whole days to ourselves! It was SO nice!! We got a lot done, went to the movies, ate chinese, went out to breakfast and just sat in church. We sure missed them by the time they got home but it was wonderful to have some alone time with Jason! So thankful my parents are willing to do that for us!
We had lots of yummy food and lots of visiting!
A great game of volleyball boys vs. girls! I am SURE us girls won but we lost track of the score through all the crazy playing! :) We should have video recorded it!
Madison with Aunt Bianca. Madi was being very silly that night!
Cameron's newest thing! He LOVES to give kisses right now. This is how you know he wants a kiss.
My Dad is forver antagonizing my kids. But they still adore him!
Me andmy sweet girl, who was not being so sweet at the moment. She was almost smiling but getting mad because she didn't want to smile. She's something else!

Some of the party goers.
Some more of the party goers.
I have been thinking how I need to sell all my americana decor from when we were first married. Then I was trying to figure out how to decorate without spending a bunch of money and realized americana decor would be perfect. Now, I might keep it for every 4th of July. Don't tell Jason though, I promised I would start getting rid of boxes not keep more! :)

The white lights looked very pretty once it got dark! :)