Wednesday, April 29, 2009

7 Months

I can't believe 7 months have come and gone already! (I am a little behind!) These babies are getting SO big!! I can't even believe it! They are healthy and thriving though and we are so proud of them! The doctor said that so far they are right on track, which is great! They are all getting a bit more demanding which is kinda hard some days. They are to the stage where they want to be moving and playing but can't quite do what they want so they need me to play with them and give them attention. They are also hitting the stage where they just want to be held. I have a hard time getting anything done some days which is hard for me. But I try really hard to put all that aside and just enjoy them! I know this will sound corny....but there is a country song out right now and one of the lines and the biggest points of the song is "It won't be like this for long". It's so true too! So I do try and remember that! This time won't last long and I WILL look back longingly for these days as they grow up!

This little man is so much fun! He continues to be the happy-go-lucky, class clown kind of kid! He is always showing off and being goofy - at only 7 months! :) He has this big grin on his face most of the time. When he wakes up in the morning he is SO happy! I love it. He wakes up laughing and talking to himself just about every day. He goes to sleep great too. Rarely ever cries! Just laughs himself to sleep! He has started eating a lot in the last couple weeks. He is up to about 8 oz during the day and anywhere from 8-12 oz at night. He also started eating some solids, yea. He has tried carrots, squash, peas and green beans. So far all are acceptable. :) He is still rolling a lot but tends to get stuck on his tummy. Does not like that much... He is learning to sit up by himself and can do it (with protection around him) for a minute or two. Is getting pretty coordinated with his hands and is good a putting his bottle in his mouth. He weighs in around 14 1/2 lbs. He is getting so big! He loves to talk and scream on occasion. He is learning to throw pretty good fits that we are trying to address these days. All in all doing great, love this kid!
Blake is still our more serious kind of guy! I think he is going to be such a sweetheart! He just seems to have such a nice sweet personality! He does smile a lot now days only not ever when the camera is on him! This is the "mom is taking MORE pictures look"! He has slowed down in the eating department at about 6 oz during the day and 7 to 8 oz at night. He has also tried all the same veggies but doesn't seem to be quite as excited about them! He makes a lot of funny faces at me when I try to get him to eat! :) We eventually get some down though. We have a bouncy horse (courtesy of Brogan! :)) and Blake LOVES it!! He will bounce all day long! He just laughs and smiles and has the best time in it! He even bounces himself to sleep at times. He is not rolling around or sitting too much yet. He is pretty happy to just lay on his back and kick his legs. We keep thinking he is going to have bruises cause if he's awake he's kicking. That's how we know he awake in the morning - he doesn't make much noise but he kicks! Blake doesn't like to go to sleep and cries/whines for about 5-10 min. He is weighing around 15 1/2lbs. He is starting to talk and laugh a lot which is SO cute! Blake is such a fun baby and we love him so much!

And last but not least our little lady! Madison is such a little spitfire! It's so funny to see how different these three are! She is just full of life! When she is happy - boy is she happy! When she is mad - boy is she mad! :) She laughs a lot and loves her daddy! She is getting very interactive which is so fun to see. She is also so good and rolling and moving around! Although, she does get stuck on her tummy also and HATES it!! She gets SO SO mad! She is very cooridinated too and can grab anything, and it goes straight to her mouth! :) Madi is eating about 5 oz during the day and 6oz at night. She LOVES her veggies and does not like having to share them with the boys. She loves all the toys but only for a short time each. I spend a lot of time switching toys and positions to keep her happy. She sits up pretty well as long as we are around to catch her. She also LOVES to be outside. I think she would be happy all day if I had her out there. She weighs about 12lbs and is finally starting to chunk up. (For Madison anyway, she is still pretty teeny) She does not like going to bed either. Although she get's her fussing done pretty quick. She is a master back archer!! Her falling asleep routine is some serious back arching, LOUD grunting and her neck bent back as far as possible! :) But it only takes about 2 minutes. She is fun kid and we love her!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Life is Good!

Life is so fun with these kids! I still look at them and think, WOW I have three babies! Not too long ago I wondered if I would EVER have ONE baby and now look at us! They are getting to be so much fun! They talk and laugh and play! They are so interactive! They are getting really good at rolling all over the place, at playing with their toys!

On Tuesday Grandma went with us and we all went on an outing! First we went to Grandmas house which is SO fun! Then we headed off to JoAnne Fabrics. I forgot our HUGE stroller so we thought we could use a cart, but JoAnnes carts aren't big enough for two carseats. So my Mom held Madison and pushed Cameron and I pushed Blake. It worked pretty well..... :) We were only stopped once too! Then we did the unthinkable....we went to Wal-Mart to buy some flower pots for the front yard. That was quite the trip. I was getting VERY NERVOUS by the end! We were stopped by quite a few people - some of them seeming a little on the strange side - and people kept wanting to touch them. Now I don't mind if I know you but I didn't so that was making me nervous! But we made it through and felt like it was a success! Oh, and Wal-Marts carts are big enough for two car seats just in case anyone needs to know! :)

We have been having fun with Dad home! Cameron even got to help Daddy out with his truck for a while. We did a feeding out in the shade and enjoyed the day! And I got to spend some time shopping in Nampa. It was a quick trip but a fun get away all the same! It's been a good week so far! Now it's time for bed so I am ready for all the cleaning and organizing I have to do tomorrow!

(Madison is looking very ADORINGLY at her Grami!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What a Guy!

I am just gonna brag on my honey for a minute! He has been out of town off and on a lot the last month and a half. It has been a bummer for both of us!! I get pretty stressed and worn out and he miss the babies (and me of course! :)) like crazy! This last week when he left he lefta few sweet surprises to find!

He left a sweet note for me in my coffee container! He knows where I look first!
He left one of his sweatshirts sprayed with his cologne for me to wear and sleep in
He wrote a note in rain x on the mirror so when I took a shower and fogged the mirror up there was a "secret message" for me that didn't show up until then!
And when he walked in the door he last night he brought me flowers.
And throughout the week he sent me sweet text messages and phone calls to tell me he loves me and check in and make sure I was doing ok!

It made my week so special and go a little bit easier. He is so loving and thoughtful! I love him so much!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Wonderful Resurrection Sunday

What a special, wonderful Easter we had! We finally got the ok to start slowly easing back into the real world! I can't tell you how excited we are!! So we were able to join both our families for and Easter Celebration! We weren't able to make it to church yet, but hopefully in the next couple weeks! We started at the McKinney side and had a very yummy brunch and some visiting. We also celebrated Aunt Boo's birthday at the McKinney side. She is one of the most wonderful people you will ever meet! What a blessing she has been to our family! She has taken such good care of me and the babies. We would be lost without her!! I have had such fun getting to know her, she has become very dear to my heart! After that we rushed home, fed and changed the babies then loaded them up and headed to Boise for the Martindale get together. It had been a while since the we did a Martindale gathering on Easter so that was fun! It was sad not having Grandma there. I still show up to their house and expect to see her in the kitchen cooking away for us. I miss her more than I can say! Grandpa was not able to be there either. He has been having a very hard time lately and was in the hospital recovering. He is now in a rehibilitation center and they should have him eating and walking around again in a few weeks. He could REALLY use prayer! But we still had a nice time visiting with the rest of the family and eating a yummy meal of ham and cheesy potatoes! I am so thankful for what Easter means to us! So thankful that God sent his Son to die - for me, and terrible unworthy sinner! But He didn't just die, he saved me and rose again and now lives in Glory! What an amazing Savior! What a special day, for so many reasons!! Bianca was able to make it home for a quick visit also, so that was a super fun surprise to the weekend!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

It's time to celebrate!!!

We got the green light!! YEA!! We get to start cautiously going out and easing into new people and places. The doc said we still need to be careful and keep some rules in place but that we can start to make public appearences! We are so thankful and excited! It's been a long winter (but wonderful!!) of staying home so it's very exciting. ALthough, with as sick as everyone else has been this year I am thinking next year maybe we should do the same thing...... We are so blessed and have made it so far!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Wedding

The wedding was an amazing, beautiful and smashing success! We are so happy for the new couple! My Dad did an amazing job on the wedding. He has such a special talent of making weddings special and fun. Here are some pics to document the fun times...

Decorating at the church on Friday before the wedding. It was a fun filled day!

The rehersal dinner at Louis in Meridian. Fun fun and good food!
It was also Biancas B-day so she got a special (and delicious cake)

The Big Day! Getting ready.....

The Moment.......Seeing each other for the first time!

And they lived happily ever after......

Happy Birthday to you...

{All the girls}

Tomorrow is officially my Mom's birthday but we had the party today. It was a good party with some really good food! I don't eat much good food while Jason is gone (of course neither does he poor guy!) since there is only one of me so it was nice to have a good meal! :) My Mom is such a special lady! Oh, how blessed I am to have her! She is one of my closest, best friend! She is always full of encouragement and wisdome and loving words! She is always around to lend a hand or help me out WHENEVER I need it. I would be lost without her!!! She is such an example in so many ways! She taught me how to be a friend, a wife, a sister and now a mom! Anyone who gets to know my mom and have her in their life is TRULY blessed! Thanks for everything Mom and I hope you have a WONDERFUL birthday!

The Fam! Good group shot!

Mr. and Mrs. Hickam!

Grandpa was flying the kiddos all over the yard!

They thought it was great fuN!

Grami and her babies

The next group shot with Sage this time! :)

Grandpa and his girl!

It was a long hard day!