Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rough Week

Wow!! This has been quite a week at our house! Having sick 11 month old triplets is quite the rodeo! It's been a hard one! It's so hard to see your kids feeling so awful and not being able to do anything for them! It's really hard to have all three babies needing you and once and really phsyically not being able to be what each one of them needs. I think that has been the hardest one me. It's just not possible to hold 3 babies at once, to comfort them the way they needed. But thankfully I have good reinforcements who stop by to help me, give me a break and just love on babies for me!

Cam has a double ear infection. Poor guy! He's been running 101 fever and just looking miserable!! We got him on antibiotics though and he should be doing better in a couple days!

Blake has been running 101 fever also and has thrown up a couple times. That is the saddest thing I have ever seen! They don't even know what hit em! :( We have been giving him tylenol and he should be feeling better soon!

Madi has had a bad cough with wheezing while she is breathing. She's had a really runny stuffy nose and just feeling yucky! I can tell she is doing a lot better and should be all better soon!

They are such good kids though! They are being so good and I am so proud of them! I hope they feel better soon!

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