Sunday, September 13, 2009

I am Thankful!

I am so thankful for all the faithful friends and family that I have!! I have been so blessed this past week with people willing to help me out! My Mom came over on Tuesday cause the kiddos were just starting to feel bad - so she came as reinforcement. They got worse and worse as the days went by and I was getting WORN/STRESSED out!! Finally on Thursday I decided to take the kiddos to the dr but was having a hard time getting out the door so Rene and Abigail came over to help out. Then my parents cancelled their plans for the day to go to the doc with me and then let me spend the day at their house. Thursday night Aunt Boo came to the rescue to help me out while Jason was working. Friday, I was out of tylenol and formula for the babies so sweet Katie went to the store and brought it out to me. She also brought a pretty bouquet of daisies to cheer me up! The Vicki came over for the day (brought me a caramel maciato (sp?) which was much needed) and helped me out and gave me time for a nap! Saturday Aunt Boo came over again cause Jason had to go to a family work day and helped me again for most of the day. Wow - I ask a lot of people don't I???? :) I tell you though - 3 sick babies is way hard and I would not have made it without all these sweet loving people that are so willing to help us out! We would be lost with out all of them. And of course, through out the whole week Jason was such a support. He had to work a lot of hours at work but was always checking in on us. And as soon as he would get home he would do everything he could to make sure we were all doing ok! What a guy! Kristen was sick all this week too but called and checked in a lot and I have a promise of two days of babysitting!! Whahooo! Can't wait to use that! I better wait until the babies are completely healed or she may never want to babysit again! ;) Thanks to all of you who help and love us so much! You have been such a blessing and we are SO thankful!!


Karli said...

Oh how awful-I should have come over! However, Gray started puking Friday night, so it may have made things worse! I hate having sick kids-poor babies. I heard there is a weird strain of the flu going around where they will throw up, but otherwise act fine, and then get diarrhea for two weeks! I am sincerely hoping this isn't the strain Gray has or we'll be quarantined for a while! Anyway, I love you and am praying for you!

Tasha said...

Poor Gray! That is the worst!! I know you would have come over in a heart beat Karli! There were quite a few times I almost called you but I didn't want you bringing Gray over to get whatever we had! I will be praying for you guys to get better too! I will call you soon to chat - miss ya!! Love ya!