Wednesday, September 2, 2009

11 Months

Well, they are going to be 12 months in a couple weeks and I am just now doing thir 11 month post! What kind of mother am I??? :) This last month has been so fun and full of discovery! It has been so awesome to watch them grow and learn new things. It has also been very challenging! They are learning to throw fits which is hard. They have been sick and teething for the first time so that makes them a little cranky. And, it's just having three babies who all need/want my attention all the time at the same time. Get's kinda overwhelming! But God is good, get's me through day by day! And I am continually blessed by smiles, laughs and loves of these three miracles God has given me! Here are some stats - if I can remember them! :)

Cameron is such a joy! He is growing up so fast and learning so much! He crawls like a pro, climbs and pulls himself up on everything! He can walk around the table, or walk while holding on to something but is still a little unstable that way. He makes funny noises clucking his tongue, does the indian trick by patting his hand on his mouth and making noise and just learned to wave! All of this he just picked up on his own and started doing! SO cute! He is saying mama and dada all day. Dada is his favorite word, but he is totally a mommas boy! He cries when I hand him off a lot. It does kinda depend his mood though sometimes he doesn't care at all. He is such a clown! He is so funny - it cracks me up! He just laughs all the time and is always being goofy! He is starting to get a little wary of strangers. It varys though and has no ryme or reason to who he is scared of and who is not. He sleeps great at night, not so much during nap times but we are working on that. He is wearing mostly 12 month clothes now and size 2-3 shoes. He LOVES to eat! He usually will eat anything. He is starting to learn what the "good" food is and what's not though and is getting a little pickier. We still do bottles, about 2-3 a day. They are growing out of the bottles but always want them in the am and before bed. Oh, and this kid is a CHUNK! He is weighing in at 19lbs 12oz!! He gained a pound in 2 weeks! :) He's gonna be a big one.... We love this guy-so blessed to have him as our son!!
Blake is a sweetie! He is still our more quite serious kid. Although, when he does get to talking and laughing it's loud and long! :) So funny! He really studies people and just does a lot of watching. He is a fast little crawler! He is walking around hanging on to things - he wants to take off! He HATES to lay down. It's so funny! When I lay him down to change him he gets a great ab workout. He keeps his head as high as he can for as long as he can. So cute! He is really getting scared of strangers! He does not like even being in the same room as someone he doesn't really know. He made an old grandpa very sad the other day! Blake learned to say uh-oh this week! Madison has been saying it a lot (who learned it from her daddy) and Blake just caught on and started too. He's been having fun throwing ALL his food on the floor and saying uh-oh over and over again! Then Madi comes in and cleans it all up behind him! :) He has started to throw some MAJOR -fits! I know, my sweet quite Blake throwing fits - I can hardly believe it either. Except that I see 'em all day long! :) We are working on that.... He is learning to like is real food but still seems to prefer a bottle. He is learning to drink water out of a sippy cup. He is also in a size 12mo clothes. He is SO tall and lanky! The difference between him and Cam is amazing! He is going to be a tall boy I think! He is weighing in at 18lbs 12oz and full lb less than Cam. Blake sleeps good all the time for Mom! I hope the other two catch on! Blake is such a blessing! Love him SO much!

This girl is a little ball of fire! She is going to keep us hopping for the rest of our lives! She has quite the little attitude on her! I don't mean a bad (well, some of it is! :)) attitude either - she is just full of spunk and attitude! She makes me smile so much! She knows what she wants and she lets you know! She is going to walk any day now! She stood up all on her own a couple days ago! She hasn't done it again since but keeps trying! She is a little dare devil climbing on everything. She has no fear! Loves to be tossed, dropped (you know, a fake drop and a catch) spun and anything else fun and daring! :) She walks really well and fast if she has anything she can stand up and push. With that fire does come some fits and angry outburts! We are also working on that! She has been pretty whiney and clingy lately too, they all have been going through a "I want Mom ALL THE TIME" stage. I have my hands full with her, but I wouldn't have it any other way! She learned to say uh-oh about 2 weeks ago and says it ALL day long. It's the cutest thing I have ever heard! It made me laugh so hard the first time she did it! She is a smart little cookie! It's going to be fun watching her grow up! Those boys better watch out for her! She eats regular food pretty well but does not like to take the time to have her bottle. So bottle feedings are harder around here but I eventually win! :) She sleeps pretty good at night but not great napper! I keep praying that changes! She is weighing in at 16lbs! She has finally started growing and putting on some chunk. She is a cutie! She is now in mostly 9mo clothes but they are still a little big and wears a lot of 6 mo clothes. She is FINALLY in size 1 shoes. It took forever to get her out of newborn! And that was hard cause I had a closet full of cute shoes! :) She is such a sweetie and we love her to death!
Well, that's life around here for us! Some days I don't know if I will make it - but then I remember what a special miracle these babies are and wouldn't want it any other way! And, on those hard days when I don't think I can make it through another - God get's me through and I am so blessed because of it! We are on such a unique special journey! Even though it's hard having your babies grow up, I am so excited to see what happens in our family and who these precious little people grow up to be. I pray they see Jesus in our lives and grow to know him and love him with their whole heart and soul!

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