Thursday, January 29, 2009

Exciting things

Happening here!

Just two small things but for three nights in a row the kids have slept until 5:30am! YEA! Hoping they keep it up!

And....Madison rolled over today! Wow! They are getting so big. She didn't do it on purpose - she was just really kicking around and over she went.

And here are some pics of Madi from a mini photo shoot Grace did with her! Cute CUTE!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Four Months!

Wow! They are four months old! How time flies!! I can't even believe it. It has gone by so fast and been so fun. We love those kiddos more and more every day. They are absolutely amazing! They are changing so much what fun it is to watch. It is amazing to look back at there newborn pics and to see how far they have come! They had so many cords and tubes hooked up and they were so tiny! Now they are healthy growing babies and doing great! God has blessed us so much! I do have to say I miss those teeny tiny babies though!


He is weighing in around 11lbs now and 22 inches long. He is in the 5%, still pretty small! :) He is such a ham! He loves to smile and laugh and talk all the time. Such a happy little guy. He is getting so strong. Been holding his head for a couple months now and loves to stand (with help of course) and sit up. He continues to be very alert. He seems to really like to watch me, he just follows me wherever I go. That of course makes me pretty happy! :) He got his first round of shots this month and cried like you wouldn't believe! Made me SO sad! But after they were done he was ok! His poor Grandpa is scarred for life though! He is growing and doing so good!


Blake is weighing somewhere around 12lbs now and 23 inches long. He is in the 15% so not too big either. He is a very serious little guy but he does smile a lot too! He has started doing a little talking and smiling at certain times of the day. Otherwise he is pretty serious and studies everything. He is pretty even tempered and just usally chills. He is so strong! He loves to stand and sit up too. He also got his shots and cried like there was no tomorrow! :( He is such and sweet little guy!


Madison is 8 1/2 lbs. She is 21 inches long. Still SO small! I love it, she is still growing and healthy so I love that she is that tiny! She is in the less than 3%, that just made me laugh! She has finally started smiling and grinning and I LOVE it! It makes my day! They all three LOVE LOVE LOVE to be naked! It cracks me up! She is a pretty tempermental little girl. I think we will have our work cut out for us. She loves to lay on her back and kick around. She has to sleep in a car seat because she has been spitting up way too much. So we are hoping that and rice cearal will help. The only problem is she is starting to hate her car seat. Poor girl! She is also getting strong and looks like she is going to roll over any day now! What a blessing she is!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Boys

My boys in their gangster camo outfits! I love them! So cute! Cameron is always so awake and happy! Blake on the other hand, could care less! I am hard pressed to get him to be awake in a picture. He is our laid back little guy. :)
The boys and their sister. They will be such good protectors. It's going to be so fun......

This and That...

Whew....Busy couple of weeks! Jason ended up having to go out of town last minute last Tuesday - Friday. Needless to say it was kinda crazy but I LOVE those babies! It's official - single parenthood is NOT for me! Wow, I didn't realize how blessed I am to have such a wonderful, helpful husband and father! It was so tiring and stressful without him coming home every night. I love that guy so much and am so thankful he is home! YEA!

We had an appointment last Friday to get their Senergis (sp?) shots. Those are the shots to help protect against RSV. They have to get them once a month until spring. Then yesterday we got all their immunizations. That was SO sad! Those little kids can cry! It is so hard being a parent and making these important decisions for your kids. I was really torn about getting them their shots but after prayer, research and talking with some friends we decided that it was the safest thing to do. They are all doing really well! Dr. John keeps saying how impressed he is with them. YEA! They said Cameron has a little but of a funny shaped head that we may have to fix by him wearing a helmet. But for now we are going to give it another month or so and see if it fixes itself. Madison has had a lot of issues with spitting up so we are addressing that. She has to sleep in her car seat for now and we have started adding rice cearal to her bottles to see if we can't keep her food in her! They all three have pretty bad acid refulx! Poor kids, it is so sad! But the are all on prevacid and it seems to be helping.

Their weights are:
Cameron - 10lbs 4oz
Blake - 11lbs 5oz
Madison - 8lbs 5oz

They are all pretty small! Cameron is in the 5%, Blake is in the 15% and Madison is less than 3%! It made me laugh! They said it's fine that they are small as long as they are always moving up on the chart. They are doing that so nobody is worried. Plus, if you think of them as 2 month old babies instead of almost 4 months they are a lot closer to where they should be. So all in all a great report! We are just loving every day with these kids! It's amazing how much you love em!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

2008 Recap

I can't believe another year has come and gone already! Time flies way too fast, of course that's not what I thought earlier this year! :) I never would have believed this time last year all the changes that were about to happen in our little world! We have had some hard times and some very good ones too!

January brought the start of some sad news with my Grandma going in for her first emergency surgery. For the next few months she was in and out of the hospital trying to get her back on her feet and well again. She was even allowed home - with no eating - and seemed to be doing better.

In March we found out we were finally expecting! What long awaited news that was! When the nurse called to tell us the blood test was positive she said to be prepared for twins cause my numbers were pretty high. Little did she know.....Seven weeks later we went in for our first ultrasound and found out we were having triplets!

April started our long summer of remodeling projects and Jason being out of town. He does a lot of that through the spring and summer months. He began to tear our house apart in all of his off hours. It was well worth the effort (I think anyway! I didn't do any of the work though so you will have to ask him! :))

July started the long road of bed rest for me! Three long months of not being allowed up! I was waited on like a queen though which was fun - for a little while!

September brought my Grandma needing one more surgery. It was either the fix all or fix nothing. Unfortunately it did not work. She was healing though for which we were thankful. Also in September was the birth of our three wonderful babies! What an amazing day that was! Three early but healthy babies!

October my Grandma passed away. She took a turn for the worst and just couldn't fight any longer. She had been through so much and is now with her Savior! And although we miss her more than we can say, she is in the presence of God - COMPLETELY healed and happy!
Also in October, we finally got to bring our babies home and be a family!

In November Jason finished his apprenticeship and became a Journeyman Lineman! He has worked very hard the last four years to get here! He is such a wonderful man and works so hard to provide for his family!

October through December????? I don't remember too much! Each day passes in a blur of feeding, changing diapers, changing clothes, cleaning up spit-up and holding, cuddling and loving on the of the most precious little people in our life!

What a year!! I can only wonder what 2009 is going to bring as my three little miracles start to grow up. We will see! The Lord has blessed abundantly this year and has faithfully been with us through the good and through the bad. Isn't wonderful to have such a faithful Savior?

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

Yesterday was Jasons birthday! We had a great day! We watched movies, played (and fed) babies, I made him a special breakfast and picked up his favorite dinner. It was a good day and so nice to spend together!

I love you babe! Thank you for all you do for us! You are such a hard worker and are so faithful to love your new little family! You are the most amazing Dad and Husband! God has blessed us so much - can't wait for this next year with you.

Love these babies!