Thursday, April 29, 2010

Where does the time go?

My Three Beautiful Babies!
They are almost not babies anymore - how in the world did that happen???
they are 19 months old. They are talking, running, laughing, fighting, loving, hugging, disobeying, climbing, playing and just being busy toddlers. It seems like a dream to me that a year and a half ago they were tiny, tiny babies who entered our world way too early. They were all just over 3lbs, hooked up to all sorts of machines, learning to breath, eat and swallow. I was worried sick, wondering if they would live, if they would be healthy, if they would have complications. We were living in the Ronald McDonald House and I hadn't been home in over 2 months. I spend my days at the hospital, holding them and talking to them and just looking at them. I had to go home everyday and leave them behind. (WAY hard!!)
I don't think anyone would ever guess that was their start in life! God has blessed them (and us) ABUNDANTLY!! Wow-it just floors me when I really sit and think about it. Now I have THREE crazy, busy, healthy toddlers running, and I mean running around all day long! And most days I wonder if I will make it through today, let alone another day.


I love you guys - you are so amazing! You are my dream come true!

Just STOP growing up so fast!

Worlds Best Lady!!

Happy Birthday to the MOST wonderful woman in the world!!Mom's birthday was at the beginning of the month and we had a bday party for her a couple weeks ago.

We had a great time! We had some gourmet burgers, salads, chips and drinks. Then we had what I thought would be super special and yummy - fondue. However, it was not that good. I don't think I made it right. It wasn't great but ok. Maybe next time! We opened presents and visited and had a great time!!

I am so thankful my Mom was born! She is such an amazing woman! I love her so much and am so thankful for the example she is in my life. I have grown up watching her and am still wondering if I will ever be the woman she is. Her walk with the Lord is a great example, a true lived out love for him in her daily life. She is such a giver and a servant. Always, always doing something sweet or thoughtful for someone else. She is always available for me at the drop of a hat if I need her. Thanks for all you are and all you do Mom!

Oh, and did I mention she is a SUPER, AWESOME Grandma????
She is so amazing and the kids lover her to death! I love it - it's so sweet!!
Thanks for all you do Mom! You are the best and I would be lost without you!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Good Eats

The week before Easter the kiddo and I went to Boise to visit Grammy and Grandpa Martindale. (It's so weird that they are now G&G Martindale!) Since we didn't get to see them over Easter and Jason was called out for a few days on some emergency stuff we packed up and went to hang with them! It was so fun! We always have a blast over there! They are such AWESOME parents and grandparents! I would be lost with out them!
(Madison looks grumpy but she's not - she was super happy just couldn't handle the lemon!)
Anyway, we decided to go out to eat one evening at Goodwood BBQ. THE BEST food ever! I think it is my new favorite even over the Texas Roadhouse (other than the rolls!) Anyway, the kids were GREAT!! So well behaved and being very funny! Cameron LOVED the lemon slices! He was sucking them dry, licking them and saying YUM YUM!! He was flirting with anyone who would look at him! He was waving and just belly laughing at the oddest out-of-nowhere moments! SO funny!

(My dad trying to make him look like a redneck! He had stamped their arms at work and rolled up their sleeves!:))
Blake wasn't sure about the lemon, he kinda just held onto it but didn't want to taste it. He did a great job coloring but wasn't enjoying our outing as much as the other two. :) He wasn't loving the food either which I just couldn't believe!! I even ordered their very first meal, you know off the kiddie menu! Oh, they are growing up so fast! :) He was good and happy but just kinda of chilled that night! :)

Cameron being the ever smiling, flirty, happy boy he is!

Madison trying our the lemons too!
HAHAHAHA! Yep, they are sour! :) The funny thing is she just wanted more and more. But every single time she tasted it this was the look we got. But then she would go again! Too funny!
She was sitting next to my Dad and he was feeding her off of his plate. She was really loving the fries he was giving to her. She watched my Dad and while he wasn't looking she snuck her little hand over and snatched a fry, dipped it in ketchup and ate it! I wish we could have recorded her - she did over and over until my Dad finally caught her. SOOOO funny! Then she started eating ketchup plain....not so sure about that!

The Flu Bug

So I guess it's been two weeks now but we had the dreaded flu bug hit our house. It hit us pretty hard too! We started our Tuesday out same as normal, everyone was fine. We even went and walked and played with Sheila, Brogan and Briscoe. Came home had a nice long nap too. I went in to get them up and was holding Blake. This part is funny, :) I asked Blake for a kiss and he wouldn't do it. So I was a little more stern with him and said firmly, Blake give mommy a love please. He did and about 10 seconds after he pulled away - BLECK - he threw up alllll down the front of me. I about died! If you don't know, I have a SUPER weak stomach when it comes to things like that. I can barely hold it in if I even hear someone puking - or any other bodily fluid! We were in the bedroom so of course, it's carpet. So I have a huge mess all down the front of my shirt and arms, big puddles on the floor, Madison trying to play in it, Cameron hanging onto me whining and upset and Blake in my arms crying and feeling miserable. Hmmm....what's a mom to do???? I was able to get it cleaned up, call Jason and get him on his way home and then get his Grandma Danny (a lifesaver) over to help me. Blake contiuned throwing up about every half hour. About and hour later Cameron started throwing up, then Jason got home and you guessed it, he was sick with the flu too! It was complete chaos! And I felt so horrible for the poor kiddos who just don't understand what's going on! We sat and cuddled and got bowls. After a lot of messes we decided to try and aim them in the bowls. They did pretty well too. At one point I could hear Cam's tummy rumbling and knew what was coming. I got the bowl under him and he looked at the bowl (knowing what it meant) and said in the sweeted, saddest voice ever "No Mommy, no!!" Poor baby! They finallly stopped at about 10 that night and were able to sleep through the night pretty well. The next couple days was just slow and not feeling well. Then Madison got it on Thursday and the boys got a second round of the flu in their diapers. Madison also got the second round. We were changing about 40 diapers a day. It was AWFUL!! They were finally starting to do better than I got it Sunday and was down with it Sunday and Monday. The kids finished it up with a yucky cold. I think now 2 weeks later we are finally well! was something else! I would rather that never happened again! :)Thankfully we have some super star helpers and a super star hubby who helps even we he is sick too!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter 2010

We had a wonderful Easter! Such a special, wonderful holiday! Without this special day, we would not have the hope for life that we do! The magnitude I don't think we often grasp. I have been meditating on Easter's special meaning this year. The pain and suffering our Savior went through for us. I get a headache, and boy that bothers me! HE had a crown of thorns PUSHED down into his head. I get a papercut or a sliver and whine about it hurting. HE was whipped and beaten like an animal. I get my feelings hurt so easily about the dumbest things. HE was mocked, spit on and abandoned by those he loved most. HE did that all to save a bunch of sinners. People who don't deserve that kid of love, HE gave it freely and fully! And, HE would have gone through it all if I was the only person to die for. Pretty humbling!

We started our day going to church with Jason's family at Calvary Chaple. It was a great service, and the kids sat with us and did great! I was very proud of them! Then we had a brunch at Curt and Rene's. We had quiche (which I made! :)) and strawberry shortcake. Very yummy, although I think we need more food with the amout of boys filling up this side of the family! :)
We just spent time visiting and of course taking pictures! Then we headed home and just spent the rest of the day together. It was very nice and relaxing! We did really miss my family who was spending Easter with Bianca in Seattle. It's just not the same without you guys! :)

Grace and Abigail

We all love Aunt Boo! Happy Birthday!!

Madison exploring
Cam - the gangster! :)
Bro - isn't he cute???
The Brian and Sheila Family
Braden and Nathan

My three little munchkins! Love them!!
Me and My Honey - I sure do love him!!!

Jas and Bro
Our Family
God has been so good to us!
We are blessed!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus

I know this is true - but it's something I am struggling with tonight! Loss, more loss! Loss that I don't understand and the cuts so deep! My dear sweet sis-in-law lost her baby this afternoon. She was 18 weeks along. The pain and hurt I can't even imagine and my heart breaks for her! But I know my Father in Heaven loves her more than anyone and He know they why's of our hearts and the reasons we may never understand in this life. Please, remember her and her family in your prayers!

My father-in-law who just lost his twin brother last year got news that his oldest brother passed away also. I know he is still hurting over his twin brother - and now this. Please pray for him also! Pray for peace and comfort!!

And in our home the flu bug has hit hard today! Blake and Cameron have been throwing up all day every 1/2 hour or so. They have been so upset every time it happens and just want their mommy. And it's hard for mommy to hold one and help the other throw up! It's so hard to not be "enough" to not be able to have enough of me to go around and meet each of their needs. The boys have been asleep for a while now and I pray they get more rest! Poor Madison got lost in it all and was showing me HOW much she needed attention too. I don't do well with smells and I have barely made it through the day without throwing up! Jason came home to help, only then I found out he was sick too. He worked most of the day feeling awful but finally came home when I called for help! THANK you to Grandma Danny who rushed over and stayed for hours helping clean up messes and comfort babies. I would have been lost without her! Now, I am going to go to bed before someone wakes up and needs me!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2009

Easter 2010
Can you believe the difference in just 1 year????
I can't believe how fast they have grown up!
They are much harder to get pics
of now too! Notice the frowns???? :)

Happy Birthday to Bianca

The BIG 2-1!!
Bianca came to town last week and we celebrated her 21st birthday! So glad she could be here for us to celebrate with her! She is such a special gal and we miss her being so far away at college. We had YUMMY carne asada, enchiladas, chips and salsa, and cake! Oh, I am getting hungry just thinking about it. Mmmmm....She is such a great Auntie and sister!
Love you Anca
(as Blake and Cam lovingly call her!)
She got em all out on the first try!
My Dad decorated the cake? Like the look?

Two of my favorite people! Sweet little lovebirds!

Feeding time! :)

My good little eaters!

One of the best Uncles a kid could ask for! Love ya Jake!

And then there's Cameron..

Cameron is the ultimate funny man! He is the goofy, class clown, attention getting, funny man! He is always doing something to make me laugh! He makes funny noises, funny faces and just does weird things. :) He flirts and charms with the best of them. He is easy going and mellow. He LOVES his mommy! He runs around saying mommy in the CUTEST voice you have ever heard! He has turned into quite the mommys boy in the last few weeks. I look at this kid and think - man if he was my only kid life would be SOOO easy! I think that's why God gave me triplets, he didn't want me getting a big head! Cameron is our talker - he talks ALLL the time! Some of it real a lot of it jibberish! He's not perfect by any means, he has had a hard time sharing as of late. Been doing a little swatting at siblings. The last week or so he has really been struggling with obeying when I tell him to do something. But overall, he's just easy. He seems to just love life! I admire his happy little attitude so much! I think I need to take after that more! :) It's so fun to see the completely different personalities in kids that came at the exact same time. It floors me daily! Cameron has been catching on to the "NO" word lately. We have had to work on that. Although it is pretty cute at times. The other morning we finished some one-on-one bottle time and I said "Cam, should we go get the other kids? Let's go get Madison and Blake." He turned and looked at me and said (in the sweetest little voice you ever heard!!) "No Mommy, No!" These poor kiddos are in need of some more one-on-one time I think! I am excited to see this little kid grow too - I think we have some fun years ahead of us! So thankful for this amazing family the Lord has blessed me with!!