Monday, August 24, 2009

Some pretty cute kids!

Our baby girl - love these pics or her! She loves to clap lately. She thinks it's pretty funny. :)

They LOVE LOVE bath time! They come running as soon I start running the bath water. This is them before I had the chance to get them in the tub. :)

My poor teething Blake! He LOVE to chew on the coffee table. Funny kid! Hope is little teeth come in soon!

Cam discovered Grandpa's wheelchair for the first time. He thought it was a GREAT toy! :) This boy is so funny!

Oh, and today the babies are 11 MONTHS OLD! Next month they are 1 year. AHHHH, I don't think I can handle this......An update to come....

Whew - when did it get so busy???

Man, the last few weeks have just been flying by! We have been filling up all our hours with something.
I've still been taking care of my Grandpa on Tuesdays. I enjoy getting out of the house and having one-on-one time with each of the babies. My Mom and Dad take two of the babies for me and I get to have the day with just one. It's so nice!! That's one thing about having multiples - it's mostly just get the necessities covered! It's been good to be with my Grandpa, but hard at the same time. I feel like we have already lost him cause he is NO WHERE near the man that I know as my Grandpa. So it's kinda of bittersweet! But I just keep trying to appriciate the time no matter what. We also stopped at Auntie Kristens and Uncle Sages house. That's always a fun time! Can't ask for a better sister/friend/auntie! She loves me and the kiddos so much and we love her! We also had a big bday dinne for me, Grace and Curt. Lots of fun and lots of YUMMY food!

Wednesday we had a great day at Karli's house! She is such a blessing, always ready to help and talk and hang with us! Love that girl! And Grayson is even starting to mind us coming over. :) He's been a little overwhelmed with all the babies I bring with me. :)

Thursday Abigail spent most of the day with us playing and helping out. We all had a lot of fun and she saved me from having to pack the kids in and out of the triple stroller just to run a couple 2 min errands!

The rest of the week was mostly just work work working! I am looking forward to the day our house is only in need of maintenance. Will it ever come???? Jason has been working so hard at work, long frustrating hours and then comes home and works for 4 or 5 more! He's a good man and works so hard for us! This week I am REALLY looking forward to! It's my birthday week and have so much fun stuff planned! Got a couple birthday lunches and a weekend planned for just me and Jason! YEA! We also got a fun visit from Grandpa and Grandma McKinney. Always lots of fun! I made a peach pie for the second time in my life! It turned out pretty good if I do say so myself! :) We all 5 got sick yesterday for the first time since the babies have been born. SUCH a blessing that we have all been so healthy. It's been a bummer couple of days though. 3 sick babies are pretty demanding but that's ok! I am glad I get to be the one to take care of them. Thankfully my Mom came to the rescue today. She worked her own work day then came over to take care of babies and make me dinner! What a lady!! She is always giving and serving others! Her and my Dad are AMAZING people!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

We LOVE pictures!

I may be biased - but I think these are some of the cutest most amazing babies I have EVER seen! I love these guys so much! They may be hard but they are worth every second I have with them! We went out to play today and I had to get some pics - it had been a while after all. :)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Daily Life!

Scary Mom Moment!

Ohhh, I hate these moments! We went to a bbq tonight which was so fun, just down the road at one Jason's buddies house. The babies were crawling from person to person to beg for food - I know, they are beggars! :) Jeremy was feeding his son some cake and Cameron was giving him big puppy dog eyes so Jeremy started giving Cam some cake too. (His first choco cake, he LOVED it! :)) I was standing right next to Cam but figured he was fine. He started coughing and choking and crying! Jeremy looked at me and said "I swear it was a TINY piece of cake!" I told not to worry about it Cameron was just being dramatic. So I picked Cam up and looked in his mouth and somewhere, somehow (I have NO idea) he found a QUARTER and had it in his mouth trying to swollow it and chocking it! AHHHH!!! I just wanted to sit down and cry. Of course Cam was fine cause we saw it and got it out but all the evil "what ifs" were running through my mind. Plus all the "what kind of mom do these other parents think i am". Anyway, all was fine but I had to record one of my first scary horrible mom moments!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We have had a busy few weeks! I just keep fillin em up..... I didn't realize how stuck I was until I could start going out again! We have been going and taking care of my Grandpa on Tuesdays every week for about a month and a half now. It's a very bittersweet thing. I love being able to spend time with my Grandpa, visiting and seeing him. It's great for the babies to see him too. But it's so hard to see that he's given up on life. There is no joy or hope or happiness for anything. He just sits and stares all day, doesn't like to do too much visiting. Won't eat, drink or do anything of any kind. It's so hard to watch. He used to be so full of life, loved parties and family get togthers. It's amazing to see how much he loved my Grandma, that makes me smile. But it's so sad to see it tear at him to the point that he has given up on life. But for now, I just try to focus on the good things and soak up the time that I have been given! And I do look forward to going and helping and showing him how much we love him! My mom helps me out (thank goodness!!!) and usally takes two babies to hang out with her and my Dad and leaves me with one. It's so nice to have that one on one time with each of them. I really feel like I miss out on that a lot so I really enjoy it. I think they like it too! Today was Blake's turn and we had a blast! He is such a funny kid! My Grandma Jones bought the babies a kid size park bench. It's SO cute! I love it. They think it's pretty fun too, I will have to post some pics of it. It will be so cute on the patio!!

Well it's time to gear up for the rest of the busy week!