Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Well....Obviously blogging is not a high priority these days. We have not had internet for a while - just using our phones so it's a little slllooowww... And my computer is ready to crash, a new one is needed.
Life has been crazy busy around here. Kids are busy, busy, busy! Always on the go! We are adjusting to life up here and really enjoying certain aspects. The kids went to an outdoor games at Ponderosa Park and loved it. They had lots of fun! Through that we met a group of gals that are so nice! A lot of them are homeschoolers too - so I have found a homeschool group to plug into. We have been meeting this group of gals at the beach once a week as well. The kids LOVE the beach! We have spent the majority of our time at the beach. It's pretty great! We have been doing a ton of camping, hiking and bbqing too!
We are starting to make some really good friends which has been such a blessing. It was a lonely few months for me. But the Lord has been blessing us and bringing some great friends into our life!
We get lots of company up here too. Seems like we are always busy showing someone around our new life. That's pretty fun too! We sure miss all our favorite people we are used to living close to. So all the visits definitely makes it easier! We had a surprise move - yes another move! It had only been 9 months since our last move. It was very stressful! It was very hard to find another rental, they are few and far between up here. Especially during the summer! But the Lord provided and we found a beautiful place, just around the corner from the old house! It's mostly unpacked now and just waiting for the last of the pictures to be hung up. My mom came up and stayed a few days while we were moving which was a LIFESAVER! I don't think it would have happened without her! We love Grammy so much!
Cam seems to be doing much better overall with his breathing/lung issues. We are starting to think it is the clean mountain air up here. Every time we go down to the Valley for an extended amount of time Cam develops his issues and almost always needs to go to the doc. A couple weeks ago he had a really bad spell! We were ready to take him to the ER when his meds finally seemed to do the trick. Always scary for Mom! He was really struggling and barely making it 2 hours before he needed more. It's been so great that it's been better up here though! Hope it keeps up!
I have been having huge success with my energy issue! After getting the run around for a year and dealing with EXTREME exhaustion - I am having some success! Praise God! I went to a naturopath here in McCall and she has worked wonders! Still have a ways to go but so happy to see improvement! YAY!
We have also still been trying to sell our house. {BIG SIGH} It's been on the market since March and no offers. We have had quiet a bit of interest but nothing serious. So we put it up for rent about a month ago and still nothing. AHHHHH! We are just praying and trying to trust Gods timing. It's been hard because its so stinking tight making two house payments. But God is providing and just praying something will work out soon!
The kids are growing up way too fast. The boys are now riding bikes without training wheels. WHAT??? How did that happen??? That is a sure sign that my kids are way.too.big! They talk like big kids and just plain look like big kids. They are so fun, such a blessing! But I really wish someone would slow them down! They are truly growing to be wonderful little people. So proud of them!
Well, in a small nutshell - that's what we have been up to! Hopefully I can be better at keeping a record of our new life up here.