Thursday, September 24, 2009

Guess Who's One????

CAMERON, BLAKE and MADISON!! Happy Birthday to 3 of my favorite people in the whole world!!! I can't believe how fast this year has gone by! How much growing and changing has taken place. I miss those tiny babies we just brought in to the world last year at this time, however they are so much fun to watch, listen to and play with right now! Oh, the changes and experiences we have had this year! I wonder what will happen in the year to come???

Cameron is such a funny little guy! He is going to be the little class clown. He knows how to make you laugh. He has the cutest most contagious laugh. He brings so much joy into our home. He is still the big guy of the family. He was weighing in a couple weeks ago at 19lbs 12oz. Cam is wearing 12 month clothes and size 2 shoes. He has really slowed down on eating lately though. He is getting very picky (uh-oh) on his food and it's flavor. He is also not wanting much bottle anymore so I am working on that transition. He is getting really good with a sippy cup and LOVES to drink water. He did love the birthday pancakes I made him today so that was fun! It's so fun to watch him learn his toys - what fits where and how they work. He really like dogs - they love it when our next door neighbors dog barks! He hasn't tried to walk yet but is a quick crawler. He is great at standing and doesn't really hold on too tight. He is very curious and get's into a lot of stuff! Cam just started saying hi! I love it! I walked into his roomto get him out of his crib and he looked up at me, smiled really big and said "hi" in the sweetest voice I have ever heard! His words are: Mama, Dada, uh-oh, dog and hi. He is growing up so fast and is so fun to have!!

Our serious guy Blake is a joy!! He has a very sweet disposition. Although, he has been picking up on the fit throwing really well lately! But for the most part he is just easy going! He is so serious, he smiles a lot but we don't get a lot of belly laughs out of him. But when we do, they are so fun to listen to! He can really get going! Blake is tall and lean! This kid has no fat on him! He is a whole pound lighter than Cam at 18lbs 12oz. He is in 12 month clothes and size 2-3 shoes. He is still learning to like his food but still loves the bottle! He would rather just drink milk all day. But he's getting there. Blake would LOVE to walk! He's has been walking for months while you hold on to him. He hates having his diaper changed - actually he hates having to lay down. He works his abs so hard trying to sit up anytime you lay him down. Blake also loves dogs and I am pretty sure he says dog. So Blakes list of words are : Dada, Mama, dog and uh-oh. Blake is a sweetheart - such a wonderful part of our life!

Madison keeps us on our toes! Her little additude keeps on growing with the rest of her! She is a little spitfire! She is really having a hard time NOT whining 24/7 right now. We are working on it but I have a feeling it might take a while. She HATES being in the car. She used to love it. I think she is just too busy now and wants to go go go! We are working on that one too. :) She is going to walk any day! She has started standing by herself, starting from the ground up. She is getting very brave!! She is a little monkey too! I don't know what I am going to do with her! She climbs on or into everything! It's so cute. She also LOVES dogs! She get's SO excited when she see's them. Her arms just start flying and she says "dog, dog, dog"! She is about 16lbs now. Has two bottom teeth and two top ones coming in. She is wearing 9 month clothes now and size 1 shoes. She is eating very well at actual food time. Not very good with her bottle but loves her food! Madison's words are: Mama, Dada, uh-oh and dog. So cute! I love love love listening to these sweeties talk! We love Madison so much and can't imagine life without her!


Mommy said...

What GREAT pics, Tasha!! Love on those babies, because next year they won't be babies at all. :( They'll be toddlers!! I pray the next year brings blessing, peace and spiritual growth for you and your husband and your adorable kiddos. (: Happy Birthday Blake, Madison and Cam!!

Tasha said...

Thanks Amy!!