Wednesday, September 23, 2009

An eventful week!

This week is just full of happenings in our house! Sunday was a super fun day! I got to spend the whole day shopping with Jen in Boise for our birthdays! We had such a fun time. LOTS of shopping, eating and visiting. Can't beat that. We don't seem to get to spend a whole lot of time together so it was fun to catch up!

Monday I went to chiropractor cause I had been having a lot of pain in my arms, hands and fingers. My fingers had been tingling a lot and feeling like they were going to go numb. So I went to the dr and found out that I have carpel tunnel in both wrists, tendonitis going up my arms, and both of those things are pulling my neck and back out of whack! So now, I have to wear wrist braces on both hands 24/7 for at least a week. Then we will go from there......I tell you though - it's hard to change, feed and hold babies with these things on! :)

Tuesday was pretty calm. The babies were really good and Kristen came for a visit. I was able to get a bunch of errands run and get some fun visiting in with Kristen. So fun! It was really nice to have her help for a while. The rest of the evening I fed the babies and put them to bed. It all went really smooth which was nice! I got some really good cuddle time in with Cam which I LOVE!!!

Wednesday was NOT a good day! I woke up feeling fine. Got up to make bottles and change diapers. While I was changing Cam I got some excruciating pain in my side and a serious bout of nausea! I put Cam down and ran to the bathroom. I called my mom cause I wasn't sure what was wrong with me. Thank goodness Grace was there (since Jas is gone) cause there was no way I could take care of te kiddos. Then Aunt Boo came to help Grace out. Grace called her mom to come take me to the doc. Rene' called Danny to come help Aunt Boo and Abagail take care of the babies while Rene' took me to the doc. Then my mom was on her way to meet me at the doc. It was an army of ladies coming to the rescue! I am so blessed to have so many people in my life so willing to help me out! Long story short, 4 hours, blood tests, UA, a shot for the pain, an ultrasound and a prescription for vicadin - they firgured it out. I had a big cyst that had ruptured. It was awful! But the shot helped and I got home and took a nice long nap while my Mom watched the kids. That evening was a little rough when I took my pain pill. Didn't realize how whoozy and sick it would make me feel. I thought I was going to pass out! But Sheila came down to help until Aunt Boo got there. I am doing much better now thank goodness!

And Today....Is the babies FIRST BIRTHDAY!!! WOW! I can't believe it! We have just been chilling and having a fun day! They got pancakes for breakfast and thought that was great! Grammy and Grandpa are coming over tonight which is SO fun! It's been a great day of having fun! Love these kiddos!

The weekend is going to be fun but busy! We are staying in Boise all weekend so hopefully that goes good! :)

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