Monday, August 24, 2009

Some pretty cute kids!

Our baby girl - love these pics or her! She loves to clap lately. She thinks it's pretty funny. :)

They LOVE LOVE bath time! They come running as soon I start running the bath water. This is them before I had the chance to get them in the tub. :)

My poor teething Blake! He LOVE to chew on the coffee table. Funny kid! Hope is little teeth come in soon!

Cam discovered Grandpa's wheelchair for the first time. He thought it was a GREAT toy! :) This boy is so funny!

Oh, and today the babies are 11 MONTHS OLD! Next month they are 1 year. AHHHH, I don't think I can handle this......An update to come....

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SB&C said...

I LOVE the bath picture!! They are way too cute :) Cam has the fat rolls going on and Blake is so tall & Maddi has a LOT of hair. Love ya!