Monday, April 30, 2012

Celebrating a special lady

We planned a surprise birthday for Aunt Boo this year. She is always so sweet and always doing for everyone in this family! So it was time to do something special for her! She really holds a special place in my heart - one of my dearest friends!
 When I was preggo with the triplets Jason was, as usual, working out of town. It's no secret that I struggle with staying by myself at night but since I was a high risk pregnancy Jason and I were not comfortable with staying by myself. So he suggested I ask Aunt Boo if I could stay with her some nights and my parents the other nights. At that point I wasn't as close to her so I hoped she wouldn't think it was weird.... And she didn't - she said she'd love to have me. So I started staying with her and got to know her so well! I am so glad I asked - it started a wonderful friendship!
 She started staying at my house when I was on bedrest (as well as a few other faithful gals!) We love the same shows and movies and always have fun staying up late visiting and watching movies! And once the babies were born she continued to come stay and help with the kiddos over night and during the day as needed.
And now, 4 years later she is still staying with me a couple times a week when Jason is gone. She helps keep me company and get a good night sleep. My kids adore her and so do I!
 Happy Birthday Aunt Boo - We sure do love you!
These were the pretty yummy rolo caramel chocolate cupcakes with a reeeallllyy buttery frosting and chocolate ganache....yep!

Cousin Love

Fun with Jonah!

Kristen and Sage needed a weekend away so my parents took Jonah for a couple nights and we took him for a night. My kids were in 7th heaven - and so was I!  :) Pretty fun to have a baby around again. The kids would make great big brothers and sister! I guess they will just have to be good big cousins!
The kids are such good helpers, poor Jonah gets a little mauled by all the loving helpers. Madison insists that he have a binky in at all times! It's ok if a bottle replaces it - but it better be a bottle or binky.  Blake loves to hold Jonah and asks every 10 minutes to please hold him. 
 When Jonah got here Cam talked to him in the most high pitched baby voice he can. He calls him Jonah Bear like Kristen and Sage do. Pretty cute!
Jonah slept great and was so fun to have around! He is such a sweetie pie! Love him so much! Cam even wanted to change his diaper - talk about love!
 Love how sweet my kiddos are and that they love their cousin so much!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Resurrection Sunday - 2012

We had a wonderful East Sunday as a family. We got up nice and early to make it to the early service with the McKinney side of the family. We have been switching off holidays since we had the kids. I miss seeing both sides but it prevents breakdowns...
We had a very nice brunch and dessert after church at Curt and Rene's house. The kids always have a blast playing with all their cousins - I love that they are growing up with a bunch of cousins running around.
We really worked with the kids on the why we celebrate Easter. It was so neat to see them learn the story and see their interest. Madison was always very concerned about Jesus dying on the cross. Every cross we would see, she would say "Oh, Jesus die on that cross?" I pray each year they grow to understand more and more what our Lord did for us! I am so thankful for our Savior and the love he has for us. 
 We are so thankful for our family - for our 3 blessings! They are growing up way to fast! This is our 3rd Easter with them - how in the world did that happen???