Thursday, May 31, 2012

A little bit of our May

We are loving warmer weather and are taking full advantage of being outside! Jason has been playing a lot of baseball with the kids. Cameron, especially loves it! And, he is very good!
Oh, Madison! She plays like a silly girl! Love her! :) 
 He can hit the ball clear across the yard!
 Blake is getting pretty good, he has got a great arm too!
 Mrs. Sheryl got a bus! We LOVE her bus. She took us all on a field trip to the Aquarium in Boise. We had a blast. The kids loved it, Sheryl had the bus stocked with snacks and water for the kids. She is so sweet to my kids. My kids thinks she's pretty great too!
 I sure love these girls I am raising my kids with! We have so much fun together.  

 The crew of kids - which will soon have more added to the group!

Mother's Day was special! I was pretty tired as we just got back from the 4 day hospital stay with Cam. Poor guy! My parents came over after naps for a couple hours and Jason made us some wonderful tri tip! He is a great cook! I was wonderfully spoiled by my family that I love so much!
 I am so thankful for this woman I call Mom! She is a wonderful example and friend! I would be lost without her in life! She is an amazing friend and an AMAZING Grammy!
These are the flowers Jason went on a run and picked for me. Nothing better!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Miss Monique

Monique Adelyn
8lbs 2oz
May 26, 2012@ 9:30pm

The newest addition to the McKinney clan AND my first niece.
She is simply adorable!
Madison will be so happy to have a playmate! :)

Jason just so happens to be the king of swaddling or as we call it burrito wrapping!
He was sharing his tips when we went to meet Mo!
Welcome cutie pie - so glad to have ya! 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Hospital Stay

Last week (5/8) we took Cam to the Doc for some more breathing problems. I had stayed with my parents Monday night because Jason was gone and I am so glad I did! Madison and Cam were not feeling well and it was a bad night! Madi was coughing and coughing and not doing good. And Cam, as happens when he gets a virus was struggling to breath. We stayed up with him and kept an eye on him- my parents both took shifts so I could get some sleep. Bless them!! By morning he was breathing 54 breaths per minute - should be in the low 30's - and really struggling to get those breaths. Finally at about 7 I called our Doc and he said come right over.
My normally calm Doc took one very quick look at him, checked his saturation levels - which were 81, should be 99 or above and sent us straight to the hospital. It was all I could do to hold it together - scary being told you need to get to the hospital NOW! I was so thankful to have my mom with me! We rushed to St. Lukes Meridian and connected with Rene to come pick up my other 2 kiddos for me.
 The admitting process took WAY too long. Thankfully my mom finally stepped in and nicely but firmly said "This child is not breathing and needs oxygen now. Let's finish this later and get this kid upstairs please!" And they did, way to go mom! Got upstairs and put him on his oxygen. They also needed to start an IV - one of the saddest moments of my life! After they put it in Cam would freak out when they came in and say "NO more pokey medicine Mommy!!" Poor kid! Got him on fluid, they started him at 2 liters of oxygen, moved it to 3 during the night because he continued to  de-sat (dip too low in his breathing.)  
 He was on 2 different steroids to open the lungs. He did duonebs every 3-6 hours or more depending on his breathing. The first 2 days he needed them a lot, he was still really struggling. The Doc even threatened to put him in the ICU if he didn't get off the amount of oxygen he was on. But praise the Lord, he started doing better! Had to take a few extra breathing treatments but that seemed to help him turn the corner. After that, we just had to get through a night with NO oxygen help to go home!
 This kid had so many visitors. He sure is loved! Kristen was a super star and came everyday loading us up with things we needed or to make the stay more comfortable. My Mom and Dad came and took a shift so I could go get some rest (since you don't get any in the hospital!) Cam would barely let me go to the bathroom so that was hard to, not that a blame him though! My cousin Kaelynne came every morning with my coffee, Jason of course came when he could but was holding the fort down with the other two kiddos. My Grandparents came mulitple times a day checking in, bringing things or just visiting. There was a handful of other visitors that came too. I enjoyed the company, Cam and I sorry to say was a little grumpy with everyone. He was scared and the meds he was on make him irritable!
 The afternoon before we left he finally started feeling better. The nurses found him a trike and portable oxygen so he could play. He was in 7th heaven! Got worn out pretty quick but he had fun riding the halls with me chasing behind him! They even let us out of the Pediatric ward and wander the halls. He made a lot of older folks smile!
 The staff there was amazing! They were all so sweet and went above and beyond taking care of CAm and trying to make him happy and comfortable. I was so blessed!! It's a scary thing being in the hospital - for mom and child - and having the love and care was such a blessing!!  THey even brought a wagon for him to ride out to the car when we were discharged!
Now he's home and doing great! He was over the moon happy to be home!! He's on duonebs through a nebulizer 2 times a day, and an inhaled steroid 2 times a day for a while. We are just kind of trying to figure out what he needs to make sure that doesn't happen again. Praise the Lord for his protection, Doc said he was much worse off than he had eve originally thought. So thankful God protected him while we were still at home!