Friday, August 31, 2012

It's another....BOY

Yea! It's a boy, another boy! Baby Branson Wayne McKinney - we can't wait!
We already love this little guy! Jamie, Jennifer and I threw Shiela a shower, cowboy theme. It turned out SO cute!
Sheila is such a cute preggo girl! The desserts and dessert table turned out great - lots of help and lots of brains makes cute stuff! :)
The center pieces 
 The gift area
 Thankfully Sheila had lots of cowboy boots -they were the perfect decoration!

 It was a great turnout. Sheila got a lot of cute stuff. Madison even came and was my little helper.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Another birthday for me, another year closer to 30....Not sure how I am feeling about that. But I will worry about that next year! :) Jason usually takes me away for the weekend over my birthday. I look forward to these weekends all year! It's so nice to get away together. We went to Boise and stayed at the Oxford Suites - our favorite place to stay! We ate at the Texas Roadhouse, Tucans (YUM!), The Creperie (DOUBLE YUM!) and lots of other yummy food. We went to the movies, did some shopping and a lot of relaxing. It was a great weekend! Jason is so good to spoil me and do whatever I want over the weekend. Even shopping and girly movies! I am so blessed to have such a wonderful guy to share my life. It's been a wonderful year spent with my family. God has blessed our lives and been with us through the hard and the great. I am looking forward to seeing what God has in store for me in this next year - when I turn 30 -EEEEK! 

Monday, August 20, 2012

One more camping trip...

We had another somewhat disasterous trip. Jason and I have had many of those over the years - you would think we would stay put. Nope, where's the fun in that????
 We headed out Friday to the Calvary Chapel camp out in McCAll. This is one of my favorite camps and we were ready for a somewhat relaxing trip. Right....Jason started having some weird troubles where his truck acted like it was running out of gas, sputtering, dying ect... Just a little scary on mountain roads puling a camper with kids! We broke down in Council, thankfully because Jason had a rental house there from work. So at least we had ac to wait in! Brian and Sheila found us and the boys wento to work. They thought they had if figured out so Brian and Sheila took off while we waited for the truck to cool off so Jason could finish. He finished and we were on our way.
 We made it about 7 miles and BROKE DOWN AGAIN! AHHH... on the side of the road this time. Another way God provided though was Ben and Brian McKinney were also in Council waiting on some fires. Ben spend a couple hours helping us and running into town to get parts. What a guy! We thought we had it fixed again and moved on. We made it another few miles and BROKE DOWN AGAIN! This time without cell service. No one stopped to help and I wondered what we were going to do. Someone called the sheriff though and he stopped to help and followed us back to town. We stayed the night in Jasons double wide. Max and Roger Twombly came from McCall REALLY early in the morning to haul our camper up to camp and travel with us. Isn't it nice to have great friends???
 Jason worked on the truck some more and thought he had it fixed. So we enjoyed our time playing at the lake, going on walks and eating YUMMY food! The boys took off to go 4wheeling and guess what??? Jason's truck BROKE DOWN AGAIN! Yep! They made it back to camp and we enjoyed the rest of our day trying not to think about making it home the next day. At least it was mostly downhill right??? We tried to leave while it was still cool, with our good friends Brian and Shiela following us down the mountain. THankfully they are still our good freinds since they are usually with us when we break down! Haha...
 We were making it ok going slow when guess what??? A tire on the camper blew! At this point I just laughed cause it's kind of like REALLLLLLYYY??? If I didn't laugh I would cry- laughing is better! :) Fixed that and got on our way again...Made it to Midvale but knew we could never make it up Midvale hill. My Dad made some phone calls and a guy from his church brought his big deisel truck to pull our camper for us. How nice was that??? We didn't even know him. The body of Christ is pretty neat! We piled kids into different vehicles and Jason stayed behind with his truck to cool down so they could hopefully make it up the hill. He did... jut barely!
 Jason limped it home and made it safe. Whew.... Not the best trip ever but lots to laugh about and remember in the future right??? We promptly got rid of that cursed truck!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fun family day

We had a fun day fishing as a family at Black Canyon. Jason has always loved fishing but this year he has really been getting into it. We have been going a lot - with rarely ever having any luck. :)
 We got one bite in about 3 hours. It was fun anyway! The kids LOVE it! They played in the water, threw rocks and helped fish. Hmmm...maybe that's why we don't catch any fish! Ha.
I sure love this sweet family I have! It was a great day in the sun! Doesn't get much better!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

McKinney Camp 2012

We had a very fun camp out with the whole McKinney clan this year. Curt and Rene' (a litte shock but so great!) bought a camper this year so we could all go camping together.
 Grandpa Curt loves to fish and took all the kids fishing. They loved it!
 Steven was pulling trikes - how fun is that???
 We had a TON of fun on our new toy! This is my new favorite thing to do, although it does get a little squishy with all 5 of us. Hmmm...maybe I need my own????
  Cam is forever showing off his kung fu moves - watch out, he's a stud!
 Grace and Tyler even bought their own truck and camper and braved the wild with a new baby! Way to go guys! I am glad they came even with a new baby!
 The younger boys AND they big boys playing games
 Sheila roughing it preggo - I think she was ready to be done camping while pregnant. She is such a trooper and aren't they cute???
 The one spot of dirt in the WHOLE camp and no one parked over it. It was the one spot the kids spend pretty much all of their time! They were SOSO dirty!
 Cousins are awesome! So thankful my kids have them to grow up with!
 The first day we were up there Madison got a fever and really acted lathargic and sick. It was really weird. Only lasted one day and then she was fine! I love the snuggles I get when they aren't feeling good, sad she was sick but loved the snuggles!
 Awesome vintage camper revamped shabby chic style!
 Love these 3!!!