Wednesday, February 25, 2009

5 Months and Growing!

Better late than never right????

The last 5 months have been a whirlwind to say the least! They have been some of the best months of our life though! I am very excited to see what the next 5 months hold! I am amazed on a daily basis by these kids, that they are here, growing and healthy! And, that there are THREE of them!! :)

Is an absolute character! He is so funny! He is going to be a flirt when he grows up, we'll have to keep an eye on that one. :) He smiles and laughs ALL the time. He is generally a very happy baby. He can roll over now, YEA! Doesn't do it a lot yet but can if he really wants to. He talks all the time and can grab toys and play with them. He discovered his tongue and likes to let it hang out quite often. His biggest thing is the thumb! He LOVE to suck his thumb. It's SO cute although I know we may regret it later. His thumb is almost always in his mouth. If we taked the bottle out of his mouth even for a second - in goes the thumb. He is the best sleeper at night. He sleeps from about 8:30 to 6 or 7 in the morning. About a month ago he was weighing in at almost 13lbs so I am sure he has grown since then. He is also wearing all 3-6 month clothes now. All in all he is doing great and is SO much fun to have around! Love you Cam!!!

Blake is going to be our quiet little charmer! He is such a sweetheart. He has finally in the last few days starting talking a lot and making all sorts of sweet cooing sounds. You can tell he is going to have such a sweet personality. It has been fun to see him talk and laugh more. He always busts up laughing when you change his clothes. I can't tell if he is tickleish or just really likes it! :) He is grabbing at toys and holding onto them now too. He has not yet rolled over, he just likes to lay there and chill! :) Although, he does move like you wouldn't believe at night. He always ends up upside down and turned around, even hanging out of the bars of the crib. That kid can move! He sleeps pretty well too but can wake up and fuss still. Ocassionally he still wants to be fed in the middle of the night too. But he is a growing boy! At last check he was almost 14lbs and I know he has put on some more! He is in 6 months clothes but can wear 9months. He is doing great and we are so blessed by him! Love you Blake!!

She is our little spit fire! We have lovingly nicknamed he Dr. Jekle and Mr. Hide (Sp? Did I get that right? You get the picture! ;) ) She goes from happy to angry in no time flat. She has really started talking a laughing the last couple weeks and it is so cute! She also loves being naked and on the changing table she always is happy and laughing. She does have a temper on her and it has been showing itself in little ways lately. (It's still pretty cute.....for now) She was the first one to roll over and is loving moving around these days. She also has started grabbing on to toys and being very alert. She is sleeping pretty well also. She also goes crazy in her crib, I am surprised she is growing at all with all the moving she does! She sleeps from about 9pm to 4am and the needs some food to get her through the night. I think she might be growing cause she was sleeping the best out of all them at first. She has grown into all 3month clothes now. None of her newborn stuff fits anymore. :( She was almost 10lbs at her last checkup and has been growing too! We love this kiddo and how so blessed to have her in our life! We love you Madi!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Daily Happenings

Saturday we had a shower for Kristen! How fun! There was a great turn out of ladies and it turned out so cute! My mom helped me plan it and my dad and Sheila helped set everything up. My Dad was a lifesaver. He should be a wedding planner, he has great ideas and knows how to get the job done. :) He's such a great guy!! It was so fun to do the shower for Kristen, I think she had lots of fun. She also got lots of loot! :)

On the baby front, so many things are happening and changing. I can't belive how fast they are growing up. Cameron has rolled over and discovered his tongue - which is SO cute! Madison has started rolling over more and moves and wiggles ALL over the place. It's so funny! Blake hasn't started rolling yet, he just likes to hang. :) He has started laughing and talking a lot more which is cute. Everything is going so well! We have stayed extremely healthy which has been such a blessing. We are just taking a day at a time and enjoying every minute of it.

We ordered tuxes for the boys for the wedding - can't wait to get those! The wedding will be their first outing so we are so excited for that! I think that is all for now!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Six Amazing Years!!

What a trip it has been, being married to the man of my dreams! Jason is my best friend. He is everything to me! I have such an amazing blessed life with this man! I am so thankful God put us together. He has made the last 6 years better than I could ever have imagined! You should see this guy be a Dad! He is amazing! He takes such good care of those kids, he changes tons of diapers, feeds, stays up with them, babysits all day so I can go do fun things. Not many guys could take care of triplet babies - but Jason does, and he does it wonderfully!

I keep thinking about 6 years ago, on our wedding day. Such a special day! And then I start laughing - who would have thought all those years ago that now we would be blessed with triplets??? Wow, life goes in some crazy directions. :)

We had a wonderful anniversary! Jason made it so special! He slept with the babies all night, got up made their bottles and brought me a baby in bed to feed. Then went to the store to get groceries for the breakfast I wanted. Made me some of the yummiest french toast I have ever had! He bought me roses and lillies (SO pretty!) and made me the CUTEST card! He made me a hershey kiss to remind me of the first card he gave me. Before we were allowed to date or anything he gave me a Christmas card full of hershey kiss labels. Boy, was I surprised when I opened that!! I was not sure what to think or do!! Of course my belly was full of butterflies cause I was kinda sweet on him! :) Anyway, super sweet and romantic card. It meant more to me than any present he got me. He is such a special guy! What would I do without him???? He made the whole day so special! He even said he would watch Momma Mia with me. I didn't make and the offer is definitely off the table!

I love you Babe! You have my whole heart forever! Thanks for being SO wonderful!!

Valentines Day!

We had a GREAT Valentines weekend! My Mom and Dad watched the babies for us overnight for the first time! It was so nice of them, quite the challenge to undertake! Aunt Boo stayed the night also so my parents could sleep through the night. Seemed to work well! Thanks to all of you who made our weekend so nice!

We left Friday afternoon and headed to the movies. We watched the movie Push - very good movie. I had not been to the movies in about 6 months so that was way fun! Then we headed off to The Texas Roadhouse for dinner. We had a gift certificate from Christmas - perfect time to use it! (Thanks Curt and Rene!) We stayed at the Ameritel Inn where we stayed on our honeymoon. That's always fun to remember way back when. :) We watched movies, went hot tubbing and relaxed for the rest of the evening. The next morning we had a nice breakfast, did a little shopping, stopped and visited my Grandpa to help cheer him up and headed home for some time with the babies and a little more relaxing!

It was such a wonderful time! It was nice to get away with Jason and spend some time together. I did miss the kiddos like crazy though! Jason got me such a sweet present! He got me a day at the spa! I am SO excited! I get to do a spa manicure, spa pedicure and massage! It's going to be a great day....can't wait to use it. :) I love Jason so much! He is such a special man, I am so glad to have him as my valentine!

I also made some some Valentine cupcakes. I had to make two attempts at it! So sad, I am not a cook/baker! :) The first time I spent 1 1/2 making the frosting and and cupcakes from scratch. Turned out TERRIBLE!!! :P So I had Aunt Boo (who stopped by) babysit so I could run to the store and get stuff to make the next batch, which I made from the box and premade frosting! :) They turned out pretty cute though. I also made a Valentine with the babies foot prints. All in all - a Wonderful Valentine Day!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ahh, the fun of weddings!

Kristens wedding is fast approaching! It's been fun planning and being excited with her! I can't wait for it to get here! Neither can she... :)

Wednesday my Mom babysat all day for me so I could go to Boise and help Kristen register. we had a blast! It was fun to spend time together and help her out. Wedding planning can be very stressful so I was glad I could help take a load off. Oh man, it does bring back memories! Next week is our 6th anniversary! It's been fun remembering!

Last night we had a big invitation party at my house. Again lots of fun! We had a good turnout. Kristen, me, Mom, Hilary, Jenn B, Holly, Katie and Dad. Oh, and of course Madison Cam and Blake were here to help too! They mostly slept but provided good entertainment for a while! :) We got a lot done so that was good! We had pizza, watched Father of The Bride, visted and worked a lot - until Midnight! I was a zombie! I am usally in bed by 8:30 these days! My Dad was being a slave driver! ;) But we got lots done and I survived!

Kristen spent the night and helped with the babies through night so I could sleep! (THANKS!!!) then we spent this morning visiting and taking care of babies and doing some more wedding stuff! All in all, lots of fun! Next on the list?? Her first shower that I am throwing! YEA! How fun will that be!!!