Saturday, September 29, 2012

We're Moving!?!?

I can't believe we are moving! We have been praying for God to provide a way for us to be togther as a family, for Jason to be home with us. Well, my prayer was for the perfect job to open in Payette. Close to our friends and family and house. God had other ideas. HIS plan is to move us to McCall. Jason applied for a postition on the demand crew up there and got it. I am beyond thankful to be able to have him come home every.single.night! It's been a long 6 years of being separated the majority of the time. It's become even harder as the kids have grown. They need their Daddy! And Mommy needs Daddy - both because I love the guy and for support in the parent department! I have had soso much support over the years though. My parents have stepped in time and again to fill the gap, encourage, help, give me and break ect. I would have been LOST without them! Aunt Boo has continued to stay with me a couple times a night to ensure a couple good night sleeps. We treausre the time we have spent with her. Kristen and Sage have always welcomed us over also for a break of normal routine. Sheila frequently invited me over for dinner so I wouldn't be lonely and called to check in often. We have been blessed with the love and support of some really great friends and family. That is part of why it was so hard to make this decision to leave! 
Jen, Sheila and Jamie put together a surprise we love you party! It was such a special time! A bunch of people put together desserts and Jen and Jamie decorated it up so cute! LOVED it! We had it the night before the big move. SNIFF.... We were so blessed by the love! 
Some SUPER great friends I AM GOING TO MISS!!!

The kids have such great friends and cousins. They are so blessed. I will miss not being a few minutes away from everyone. We have pretty much always lived close to friends and family. We don't quite know what to do without everyone so far away.
I will miss my best friend! So will Madison! :)
Hahaha...Mo didn't know what to think of Uncle Jasons hairy face! It was pretty cute!
I have been so blessed by Aunt Boo! We have formed such a special friendship that I treasure so much. I will miss our late night talks and watching our favorite shows together! 
Grandma Rene making Mo happy!
Packing and cleaning day. Megan and Jen were such a wonderful help! 
All the master packers!
Nathan and Braden worked hard along with all the guys! I was proud of them.
Kristen, Sage and Jonah - here for the weekend to help.
Mom getting my sinks whiter than I ever had. I wish I knew her secret sooner! Oh well...
Braden and Nathan had fun mowing on the riding lawn mower. It was a big help too!
Yep, learn about credit cards early! 
Resting after a long {emotional} day. 
I came out to find the kids stuck at the top of the pile in the moving truck. They were having fun, but they got stuck. So I had to climb up and save them! Little cuties.'s off to McCall! Starting a new, exciting {somewhat sad and scary} adventure! 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Some more birthday fun

We gave the kids their gifts early since we were moving. We wanted them to get the most out of it! They were SOSO excited! They love them. We bought some helmets too for cause safety comes first right??? Great Grandma, Pop-pop and Aunt Jean gave them money for their birthday. They were pretty excited! 

 Jason had to be in McCall on their actual birthday. Last one apat though! Yea! So in the middle of all the packing and crazyness I still tried to make it special. We had some decorations, balloons, chocolate chip pancakes and a couple little gifts.
Birthday kiddos
Grandpa Randys birthday is just two days before the kids. So we headed over to Grandpas to take him out to dinner and dessert. We sure love Grandpa Randy and are always so glad to celebrate what a wonderful Grandpa and Dad he is. We are so blessed to have this special  man in out lives!
Present time! Wahoo... Grammy is A.MAZ.ING! She spent hours putting together this gift for the kids. She made those aprons they are wearing. She made a bag to hold it all in. She put together school boxes, paint sets, paper and more! What a sweet lady!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Branson Wayne McKinney

Branson Wayne - our newest nephew. We have a lot of those! :)
I am so excited about Branson! He is such a cutie with a head full of dark brown hair!
 He was 7lbs 2oz and 18in long.
 Blake and Branson, he couldn't wait to hold his new cousin. He is so sweet with him!
 Cam loving on Branson too!
Welcome little guy! We love you!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Let's Party x 3!!!

I can't believe these little miracles are 4 years old! SERIOUSLY! How did that happen??? I sure do love these guys. They are so fun at this age - a lot of work - but so fun. They are hilarious! I love the things they come up with. We had their birthday a little early this year since we are moving. We had a sprinkle party. It was pretty low key. We had cupcakes, chocolate dipped pretzels and animal cookies. All covered in sprinkles of course. The kids played and opened gifts. We even rocked out to some of their favorite songs!
 The kidd have such great friends. I love all these little people. I love that my kids are growing up with some wonderful friends.
 Little Miss Mo. She is a cutie - can't wait for her to join the herd running around.
 Jonah is such a cutie! He was trying really hard to play with the kids.
Present time!
 My little family! And I just have to say that flip flops and these kids is the cutest thing EVER!