Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fathers Day Re-cap

Happy Father's Day to hands down most amazing Dad!
{Jason doing what he does best - cooking! YUM}
Jason is an amazing man. He has such a servants heart, NEVER stops working, SO good with the kids! He is their hero!! I am so thankful for him - and I know I tend to take him for granted!
On Father's Day Jason was working  - in the middle of his 22 days straight of work. Kinda sad for fathers day huh? I got up early (6am!) to make him breakfast. The kids and I wrapped presents and had everything waiting when he got home. We got him a couple things he had really been wanting so that was fun. Then we went out to eat at the new restaruant in town and came home to enjoy a relaxing evening. WE are so blessed by this man - I thank the Lord for giving him to me!
Happy Fathers Day Babe! We love you!

Friday, June 29, 2012

A camping we will go...

June was our first camping trip of the season! We love to go camping - except for all the work - otherwise, we love camping. The kids had been asking to go since December! IT WAS RAINY! Oh my, the amount of rain and mud was out of countrol but we enjoyed ourselves anyway. The kids LOVED the mud. They had no problem with the rain. We got a new camper this year. We needed one with beds for the kids. We found one with a little room that has 4 bunk beds. Perfect for us and the kids think the bunks are AWESOME!
 We attempted fires, in the few moments of no rain. They didn't go so well... Lots and lots of smoke. Madison and Blake gathered fire wood anyway. They were GREAT helpers! Cam stood and talked the whole time. He said he needed to just watch and talk to Dad. Oh Cam!

 The camp cook! Jason is a wonderful cook (better than me - I hate to admit that!) He really enjoys cooking while we are camping. I REALLY enjoy that he likes to cook while camping! Good food and I didn't have to cook it. I do have to clean up after him, he is a MESSY cook!
 Jason got his dream of buying a generator finally. We needed one so Cam could do his breathing treatments while camping.

 Jason took the kids on a "hunt" I didn't realize they were actually going to bring back something real. Yea, I tried really hard to be impressed. Mostly grossed out. I washed and sanitized their hands about 20 times! Jason did skin it and cook it. They all made me eat it too. Blech...
 The more normal activity and food. FISHING! Jason and the kids love to fish. It was quite an adventure to get to the good fishing spots. No fish though, just squirl!
 Sheila and Bris!
Kids rocking out - they LOVE to rock out. Ha! Love it! All in all a good first camp out. Love the new camper - makes life SO much easier than our old one. Lots more trips to come this summer!