Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Great Outdoors

We had quite the adventure on our campout a couple weeks ago. Yes, I am VERY behind and late in posting this! That's what happens when your hubby is always out of town! We had a great campout, it was busy and very tiring but fun none the less! We had lots of fun playing in the dirt - the kids got filthy!!! We talked around the campfire, threw rocks in the lake, and got no sleep at night! :) The first two nights Jason snored all night (which he does every night but when we are camping I don't have a spare room to sleep in if needed!)The kids slept pretty good those first two nights which was nice! The last night, (which is the day Jason thought we should head home and I didn't want to) we had a HUGE thunder, lighting and rain storm. It was massive! I was kinda scared. Anyway, it woke Madison up scared and she would not go back to sleep. We tried everything. She was awake from about 11 or 12 until 6 in the morning! We were tired!! And we should have gone home like Daddy said! Otherwise, it was a fun trip and I can't wait until our next one!! I LOVE camping - even though it is a TON of work these days! :) It's worth it!!

There were a lot of trucks between all of us. Ian was having a ton of fun! I bet he was worn out every night Cameron - one of the funniest kids I now! He is going to keep us laughing I think!

Daddy let Madison drive down the road to where we were camping....hmm...

Briscoe having lots of fun in his cowboy jumper!

Megans first camping trip!

Just kept forgetting to feed this kid....

They found a new love of throwing rocks in the water

Group pictures are getting harder and harder to get. Hopefully soon they will want thier picture taken. :)

Love my family - SO blessed!

This Grandma completely adores these kids!! And the feeling is quite mutual on the kids part as well! :)
Aren't they cute??? Love them!

Playing in the lake

It takes a lot of stuff to go camping with triplets - this is our sleeping set up for now. :)

Grandpa and Blake! I LOVE LOVE this picture! Turned out so great! What a great Grandpa - love him so much! And what a CUTE kid! :)

Sleepy Briscoe - such a good baby! Love this boy!

Sheila and Brian - Aren't they cute! So nice just to sit and relax and visit! Wait - that didn't happen! This was just a rare 2 seconds that we weren't chasing all our toddlers around! :)

Auntie Grace and Briscoe

Brogan decided he needed the whole bag of chips for dinner!

Madison? Pouting? NO WAY!

Big cousins are SO much fun!

Aren't Grandma's fun???

I sure do love this girl!

They were having a rousing game of patty cake!

Cameron figured out that this bar made a GREAT swing! Until they all tried it and it fell down on them! :)

Time to go home - we were at the dumping station and they were in need of a way to burn off some energy!

On they way home we got stuck in a HUGE herd of cattle being herded down the road. We came out with no scratches on the the Tahoe though I am not sure how! They were everywhere!

For miles.....

Love those Dads!

I have some pretty amazing men in my life! Love that we have a special day to tell them how great they are!

My Dad is amazing!!! I could not have asked for a better Daddy growing up, and I couldn't ask for a better one now either!! He is continually loving us, doing for us, checking on us. He is there for WHATEVER I need, whenever I need it! He helps me with the babies, he loves those babies! He supports me, is a listening ear, gives me hugs when I need them or just lets me cry when i need them. He gives great advice. He is a great husband too, has always been such an example! I love how much he loves my Mom! I love that he taught me to love the Lord and to dedicate my life to him! I love that he lead by example. He taught me to love oldies music, to love life, to have fun, to love others, to be a generous person. The list goes on and on. Thanks Dad for your love and support! I don't think I could ever tell you how much you mean to me!

My husband is WONDERFUL! I can even begin to describe how much I love him and how much he does for our family! He never stops giving or loving me!! He works so hard for us, then he comes home and works and the lawn, the house, he helps with dinner, he takes care of the kids and still finds time to make sure I am taken care of too. He has been run ragged at work lately. He works at least 10 hours a day (at work anyway, then comes home!) but usually more than that! He is always improving our home and yard and giving our family a beautiful place to grow! He is always sending me messages, bringing home flowers, telling me he loves me, helping around the house, loving on the kids and playing with them. They ADORE their Daddy! He makes such fun games and songs with them! He is so patient and loving with them. He is always reminding me and talking to the kids about our Savior. Reminding me who HE is and what HE does for us. I LOVE you Babe - with all my heart! Thank you for being the AMAZING Daddy you are to our kids!

Curt has been a wonderful father and father-in-law as well! He did a wonderful job raising my husband, helping to make him the man he is today. Curt is such a fun Grandpa, there is never a lack of fun when Curt is around! Thanks for all you have done for us and for the son that you raised and taught how to be such a great Dad and husband! We love you!


Madison went to the bathroom on her potty on Thursday!!! I am very excited! We aren't even potty training - she just wanted to sit on the potty so I let her. After a minute I heard her going potty! Anyway, I was excited about and thought I better document! :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Can you say CUTE???

Does it get any cuter than toddlers with Wrangler bums???
I don't think so!!

TRYING to be thankful...

I know, I know!!! I am TRULY blessed that my husband has a job and it is a good job. HOWEVER I am reallllllllllyyyyyyy tired of him being out of town and being a single mommy!! Hence, the struggling with being thankful! And somehow, they always get sick or start teething while Jason is gone!

We have had a busy week which is nice for passing the time. But it's also been a very hard week so far. I have not got much sleep the last few night because of the teething/sick children. The kiddos seem to be struggling (isn't that a nice way to put it??? :) ) with their obedience and attitudes towards mommy. The days get so long by myself and pretty discouraging. With three almost 2 year olds it makes it pretty hard to even take them to the park (or anywhere for a distraction) by myself because of safety issues. I am thankful for a mostly nice week weather wise as we have spent a lot of time outside! We have had some fun get togethers with some good friends and family this week too! Grammy and Grandpa came over yesterday and played/helped for a while which is always a good time! There are some fun things coming up over the weekend too so I do have some bright spots. I hate being discouraged and admitting it on here, but it's my life right now. And I am praying that I WILL grow in the Lord during this time and be able to look back on these days and think how far the Lord has brought me! :)
So, I will sign off now. I am going to go get my kids, love on them and remember what a miracle they are and how thankful and blessed I am to have them in my life.
{How could I EVER be frustrated with these faces????}

Monday, June 7, 2010

My Dirty Little Rugrats!!

These kids have been LOVING the outdoors this year! They live for playing outside!
I love it too - they are much happier outside these days. It is however becoming such a lesson for Mommy though, and the lesson is:
It's OK to get reallllllly dirty every day! :) Actually, a FEW times a day!
So here are my adorable messy kiddos!
I have been getting a kick out of watching them play in the dirt and mud!
They throw it on each other and themselves.
They eat and roll in it!
Madison is the biggest dirt lover of them all! Rocks, dirt, mud, sticks.
Anything dirty - she LOVES it! :)
As a side note, her dress was MUCH brighter earlier that day! :)

Just wait until we go camping.....

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I've got 2 words for you

It will rock your world!
(In a good, challening kind of way)
This book is amazing - it has changed me.
There's no going back now.
Read it.
You won't be sorry!