Friday, June 24, 2011

Let's see - what has been going on around here...

A couple weeks ago I got to go with Kristen to her 18 week ultrasound to find out the sex of the newest addition to our family! Kristen and Sage are having a BOY! So excited to finally know - now I can start spoiling the little man. Can't wait for him to make his apperance, I have a while to go though! After the appointment I got to go shopping for the day. Jason is so sweet to make sure I have days off to get the rest I need and have a little fun time. He actually is TOO good, I think he spoils me a little too much. I am blessed with a good man!

I went to a couponing class the next day. Other Mothers in Nampa was putting on a free class. It was really good and I am ready to jump in and get started. It took me a while to figure out a good deal on papers since we live in Payette but I got it figured out. Now, time to start saving some money. (I hope!) Blake made the trip with me and went to Auntie Kristens house for the evening. Grammy, Grandpa and Jake were there too so he really spoiled with some one-on-one time!

We had a bridal shower for Bianca. Her shower is fast approaching and I can't wait! The shower went great, a very good turnout! Kristen planned the party and I came a little early to help throw it all together. We had DELICIOUS cheesecake (from Costco - shhh don't tell!). She got some very nice gifts and my Mom put together a sweet devotional to share with Bianca. Sure love that girl and am so excited for her big day...even if I have to wear keds. :)

I took the kids to their first wedding a couple weeks ago. My cousin Nekane was getting married. I loved the location out in Eagle although they did sadly get rained out with our CRAZY non-summer weather we have been having! The kids great sitting in the ceremony quietly. Although, I do have to admit that the actuall "you have to be quiet because it's a wedding ceremony" part was only about 10 minutes long. Good timing for 2 year olds. But they did good the rest of the time and I even let them run around outside in the pouring rain. Yep, I did. I am slowly loosening in up, in some areas anyway. :) We also spent the rest of that day with my parents. Jason needed some time to work on the upstairs and surprise, surprise that doesn't always work well when we are all home. So I try and take the kids to Boise and give Jas a good full days work so we can finally get this thing finished.

My Aunt Caroline passed away last week and the funeral was last Tuesday. She was a believer which is always such a sweet relief! She was such a fun, spunky lady. We will miss her! She was married to my Grandpa Martindales brother Herb who passed away quite some time ago. It was also kind of a sad reminder of my grandparents passing. They are all buried next to each other. I miss them SO much, so much more than I can ever say. Although, I had not seen their tombstone because there had been some issues with it. But the front of it has a pair of high heels and says "The Perfect Pair". I thought that was pretty darn cute. My Grandma LOVE LOVE LOVED her shoes. Grandpa always told a story about how he picked her up alongside the road (she was barefoot of course) and promised to buy her as many shoes as she wanted if she would marry him. I am pretty sure that story is not true - he told it so convincingly though...But the part that is true is that she did get as many shoes as she wanted! :) He told a lot of stories, I am not sure I know the real story as to how they met because I have heard many versions. On the back it has a picture of a trailer - where my grandpa got his start in buisness with the "Winnebago" over it. I believe that is the brand of trailer but my Grandpa used winnebago daily.
When he was annoyed or frustrated or just trying to brush you off he would throw up his hands and shake them and say "winnebago, winnebago" and he was done with you.

The kids are growing like weeds and getting more grown up every day. I have had some pretty trying days/weeks with them lately. They are just getting a little more independant which is good in some ways. When it comes to obeying mommy though it's not so good. Madison and I seem to just battle most of the day. But through it all I still love those little kiddos so much. AND what's most amazing is no matter how many time I loose my temper or don't handle a situation right - they STILL love me and want to be with me more than anyone else. If only we could all be like little children and the way they love and forgive huh? They are so funny. Blake is turning into quite the animated talker. He cracks me up! I still can't understand most of what he's saying so when he is really getting into it it's pretty funny! Madison has new found love of the water this summer. She gets SO excited when we set up their pool and just goes crazy. She laughs, giggles and screaches more than she does in a month when she starts playing in the water. Cam HATES the water and won't go near the pool. Haven't figured that one out yet! Cam get's funnier everyday in the things he says. The other day Cam was sitting on my lap wearing camo shorts and he tooted on me. Ha. I asked what he did and he said "I burped Mommy" I asked from where and he said "From my camo Mommy". HAHA! Love him!

Kiddos have been getting their second year molars. That's never fun!

Last Wednesday I had coffee with Jen. It had been a while since we had done something fun and I was very glad for the chance to catch up! We went to Jolts & Juice and just visited for a couple hours. Our evening got cut little short because of the storm. My hardworking man got called out and I had to head home so they could go fix the damage. Poor guy had only been home for 3 hours and went to work for another 8 hours. SO of course, I did not sleep well. Let's rephrase I did not sleep at all. I had been making progress with my fear and not sleeping but not that night. Boy was I tired the next morning. Jas still had to go to work the next day. Hard working guy I tell ya! Jen told me she was doing a garage sale and I decided Thursday to give it a go with her. So I threw everything together on Thursday for the sale the next day. I had been stacking stuff in the basement just waiting for someone to have a sale with. I can't really do one at my house, we are a little far out of town for good traffic. It was a fun day actually and I sold a bunch of stuff! Horray!

Saturday I went to a briday shower for my cousin Mindy. She is getting married to Vito in August. It was a very lively, fun bridal shower as most Martindale parties are! :) Spent the rest of the day running some errands and doing a little shopping! Love me a good day of shopping! Cam ended getting some kind of yucky virus Saturday and was runningy 100 to 102 fever for 3 days. On Tuesday he started getting an AWFUL and painful rash that comes and goes. This evening he finally seems to be doing better. I really hope so! It's so sad to see your babies feeling so awful! It's been a long few days with Cam being so sick. When that kid doesn't feel good you know too. He is a HUGE HUGE whiner! (Get's that from his Mom!) Madison has been pretty grumpy cause of her molars so the two of them kept me hopping. Poor Blake must have started to feel left out cause he's started acting out. Been trying to smother him with attention too. But I tell ya, 3 two year olds demanding my attention is a hard demand to meet. I am worn out. But I think it's all starting to look up! The kids were really happy and playing well this evening. It's always good to hear them laugh! AND we leave for our first camping trip of the season Friday morning. CAN'T WAIT!

I will end this book now. I have got to start posting more often to avoid these crazy long posts. But hey, I have to remember everything somehow!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


{Cams attempt at bosing!}
Cam: "Daddy I told those kids no do that."
Jason: "Did they listen?"
Cam: "No, those kids didnt obey." He likes to call the other two kids guys. Jason has taught the kids to go check on each other when they get hurt. Cam now goes over and says in a very high pitched voice "It's ok, it's ok" while patting their head! SO cute! Cam can also interpret for Blake, very helpful. He talks alllll day. I love it, always asking me for kisses, making sure I am staying home with him or some other hilarious thing. I need to get better at writing them all down!

Madison adds "in a minute or today" at the end of almost everything she says. I apparently use those two things too much! She is also into giving big squeezes right now. She grabs onto my neck and hugs just as hard as she can - one big hug on each side of my face. These days she is all silly or all moody. Changes from day to day. Calls Cameron "Mameron" and Blake "Bake."
Blake went to Target with me over the weekend. He was SO cute! He loved the attention and just looking and touching everything. {Note: I NEVER allow them to touch in the store because, well, there are 3 of them!} At one point he saw some Lightning McQueen diapers - he SHREIKED in the girliest voice I have ever heard - "LIGHTNING MCQUEEN MOMMY!!!" The funnies part is that if you know Blake, you know that you can't understand most of what he says. SO, I knew what he was talking about but the aisle full of people probably wondered what in the world was going on! Blake calls Madison "Sissy."

Love these kids! Trying to remember all their funny little moments!

Pop Pop

{Grandpa's Suprise 75th Birthday}

Grandpa Jones or Pop Pop to my kids is one of the most amazing guys I know! He is such a hard worker, always serving or helping someone and loves his family with all he has! My kids adore him and let me tell ya - he ADORES them! He goes out of his way by miles or hours to see my kids and love on them.
He has always made sure to be a big part of my life growing up. He was at every game or function I was involved in. Always cheering us on! Always has a smile and arms open for a hug. He has always had such fun stories of his childhood that he would tell us for hours. We nicknamed him "The Pill" when we were younger because he was always (is always) playing some trick on us! He gave each of his grandkids a nickname too. Mine was Tinkerbell. :) I love that he has taken Bianca and Jacob as his grandkids too. He has made it to almost all of their sporting events as well. He is a KEEPER! This morning he came to church with us and came with all sorts of bubbles, kites and bears for the kids. Just cause! I have been so blessed with the Grandparents I have had in my life. So thankul for you Grandpa Jones!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


jason has been working SO hard on our master bedroom. it's not finished yet but getting closer. can't wait. he does get sidetracked - only because he is a perfectionist and see's allllll the things that need done. the above yard project was one of those projects. it looks sososo much better that i am glad he did it. the driveway part will be graveled the rest will be grass - eventually. but for now it looks 100% better.
my walking buddies. we have not been able to walk because of the march weather we have been having. but i love these girls and love our walks. we make quite the show!

been doing lots of stuff with kristen lately. love that we are so close!

the brown the new color-i love. the red the old -ugly- color. GONE!

blake is so sweet. i love his sweet, tender heart. i love seeing them get along and love each other. sweet moments.

i love the views at our house. makes me sad that we are contiplating moving. hmm...

been trying to learn to coupon. challenging but fun when i get a good deal.

started food storage. love feeling organized and prepared.

been putting my blogs into super cute books. can't wait to read them.
been trying to get more serious about eating healthy and working out. blah...i reeeaaalllly like bad food. jason is a stud though is eating healthier than i can imagine (while working a crazy physically hard job) working out and has lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks.

speaking of jason, he is busy this week climbing 150 foot metal power lines. makes me a little bit nervous. especially since they can't strap onto the structures on their way up. just free climbing baby. not cool. he tried to assure me that they strap on as soon as they get to the top. that's great babe, just hope that he doesn't slip and fall at 149 feet!
the kiddos are so fun yet so challenging right now. can't decide if i wish they would hurry up and get older or sloooooow down. :) love being a mom to them either way!

this is a good year, jacob gradutated highschool, bianca gradutated college and is getting married, kristen is having a baby (!!!), sage is coming home and my parents are moving back. whew...

Special mothers day treat

For my mothers day request I ask for a fun day in Boise just as a family! I wanted to take the kids to the zoo and then eat at a yummy restaunt. Jason had to be gone for work on Mothers Day which was a bummer. BUT he made up to with a great day!
The only bummer was that we were all 5 sick. We thought the kids were better and ready for an outing - but they weren't! Jason and I both felt AWFUL but decided to power through since ya know, Jason schedule is CRAZY and is not home a lot. It was still great and I glad we went just sad it was while we were all sick.

Best Daddy ever - looking at the tigers. They were popular with the kids.

The giraffs were my personal favorite!

The boys loved the wagon we got to use at the zoo. I just pretended not to notice how dirty it was and how many yucky germs were on it. Am I a clean, germ nerd (ok, say it - FREAK) yes and I am proud of it. Germex asap in the car. Anyway, moving on...

We went to Tucanos for lunch. DELISH! One of my favorite places to eat! And - it's a pretty good deal at lunch, AND kids under 6 eat for free! They were counting on triplets under 6 when they made that rule. Works AWESOME for us!

Enjoying the grub

This was a few weeks ago now - all my posts are out of order and pretty random. BUT I am just happy I am getting them posted at all!


Poor Cameron is just our sensitive little guy! He gets EVERYTHING and gets it just about as bad as you can! He usually starts breathing really bad, needs treatments, albuteral, cough syrup, tylenol and usually a steriod treatment. Thankfully we have a WONDERFUL doctor and these things help quickly! I took this of Cam sleeping with Dad after a night of no sleep. So sweet! Love my boys!