Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This week and SHOES!

Wow - I don't know how to describe this week other than HARD - VERY HARD!! Tuesday the kids came down with some pretty bad colds. Jason left Wednesday morning and they got MUCH worse. We had fevers, nasty croupy coughs, runny noses and lots of crankiness!! Lots of nights with NO sleep for kids or mommy, and NO Daddy home to help! Ahhhhh!!! And my mom and Dad were out of town too! Ends up the kids had a mild case of RSV which freaked me out! That was the thing we have been scared about since they were preemies! But the doctor said it hadn't really reached their lungs and they should be fine. And they are! :) We just got them on some medicine and lots of sleep and they are finally doing better. Praise God!! So it didn't turn out to be too serious - just stressful! We have also been dealing with some new bad attitudes and pushing the limits just as far as they can. Grrrr...... But we are trying to be consistant hopefully that will pay off! Jason comes home today so that definately puts a postive spin on everything! Can't wait to see him and have him home for a while! I know I have said it before but single parenting is NOT for me! I need him - he IS my better half!! Besides the parenting end of things, I just love the guy and miss him like crazy while he's gone!

And, on a lighter note. We went shoe shopping today! How crazy am I??? Aunt Boo and I took the 3 kiddos to Payless and tried shoes on them! It was quite the experience to say the least!! The last time we did that they were not mobile this time..... I came home with a whole new list of things we need to work on! :) They actually did pretty good - they just were 3 curious 1 year olds! But we ended up with all the shoes they needed and went and bought them french fries as a reward. Even though I don't think they get the whole reward system yet! Haha! Mommy got a big caffinated coffee as her reward! I wanted to take pictures to document our trip but there was no way that would have happened. Plus the lady that worked there was probably already overwhelmed with us being there in the first place! :)

I hear the kids hollering from their cribs-time to go start the afternoon!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Where they were - Where they are!!

Here is all 3lbs of Madison joy just hours after she was born. She was such a fight and a little spit fire from the very beginning!

Here she is now - full of life and fire! She is as stubborn as both her Daddy and her Mommy (which if you don't know us that well - IS REALLY STUBBORN! :)) She is a joy, growing up so fast learning so many things! One of her newest accomplishments - using a straw cup! This was the first time they tried them and as you can see the straw didn't come out of her mouth all night. There are not a lot of big changes happening right now, just little differences and looks that I see each day that show her growing up very quickly right before my eyes! She is a smart little cookie -too smart actually! :) Here Mister Blake Man - 3lbs 15oz teeny tiny and fighting to breath! He scared us a lot not wanting to that one little important thing!

Here is now - my super tall skinny boy who figured out all that small stuff like breathing! Now he uses is lungs very well! :) He is learning to follow instructions very well which is impressive! He is very good at sitting and reading books also - not sure what language he is reading in but reading all the same! :) He was having some trouble with hitting but has really improved and has been working on it! All in all he's a pretty sweet kid! He's growing and changing so quickly too - I just can't keep up!
And then there's Cam who came into the world weighing 3lbs 6oz and struggling too! Always alert though - from day one! He would just lay there and watch you. SO cute!
Now - he's our beefy boy ready to be a line backer! This kid is built! :) He remains our happy go lucky child! Rarely ever grumpy, laughs all the time and LOVES to eat! This kid can put the food down! His second love are BALLS! He LOVESLOVESLOVES balls! Maybe he's gearing up for a pitching career too! He's got a good arm and good aim! Struggles with sharing but we are working on that. His third job will be a comedian - funny kid! He keeps me laughing he is such a goof!
I am thankful for my kiddos then and now! They are such a blessing and they keep me humble and on my knees! A friend just told me that kids are our spiritual sandpaper, shaving off all our rough edges! Isn't that the truth!

Do you realize...

How precious life is? Oh, as I am pretty much sobbing here - I am reminded at how precious life is, all life! But right now I am thinking in particularly of my 3 miracles! I was reading a story tonight of a mom who's 18 month old drowned in her tub. Before everyone gets to sad - he has made a miraculous recovery and is alive today! But just a couple weeks ago, the mom was getting ready to bath the kids when another kid needed her attention. She left for just a couple minutes. But that's all it took! She gives all the details and I could totally picture myself doing the same thing. "oh, I can run and do that quick - nothing could happen in THAT short of time right?" Oh, so wrong! Go here for the full story stakerzxposed.blogspot.com.

Anyway, accidents happen, things happen. Not that we live day to day thinking what's going to happen today that will be terrible. But to live not so comfortably that we forget how fragile and precious every life is. Oh, man it hit me hard tonight!

It also took me back to seeing my three babies hooked up to monitors with tubes and things poking out everywhere. With a machine that helped them breath, and tubes to feed them and on and on. It is so scary wondering if they are going to make, if you get to take them home, if they are going to have problems or be ok? I forget how scary the first month of my kids life was because they are SO healthy and thriving now. Instead I get frustrated cause they are not minding me, upset cause they are fighting. Isn't it so easy to get caught up in that kind of thing? I am so thankful for reminders to cherish every moment the Lord has blessed us with. To focus on the positive and not let the hard things overshadow everything else!! I am thankful that the Lord blessed that family with a miracle and I hope he gives the mommy a peace of knowing that she is still a good mommy!

Anyway, just thought I would share!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Mi Amore

7 wonderful years with Jason! I can't believe it has gone by that fast!! I still feel like the little 19 year old kid that just got married. I wonder when I will feel older? Anyway, we decided to get away for TWO whole nights (THANK YOU MOM AND DAD!!!) in Boise. We haven't felt like we can take a vacation with 1 year old triplets yet, (not sure it would be a vacation!) so we thought we would get a nice room and just rest and spoil ourselves for the weekend.
We stayed at the Ameritel in a nice suite! It had a downstairs with two tv, on in the living room and one in the hot tub area! I was IN LOVE with the tub! Oh, I need one! SOOOO relaxing! Then up some fancy stairs was a separate bedroom/bath. Oh, it was wonderful!
We didn't do a whole lot - which was just what we wanted! We slept in, worked out (yes, that is a luxury we don't get often these days!) ate out for every meal at super yummy restaurants, watched movies and just enjoyed a bunch of alone time together. With triplets, we don't have a lot of alone time, plus Jason is working out of town SO much that just being together was the best gift I could have received!! Although, I did still get spoiled on top of that! One of my favorite things was just walking around and holding hands!
We came home refreshed and ready to play with the kids! Although, they weren't really wanting to come home with us which hurt Mommy's feeling just a little bit! :) But they warmed up and decided we were OK and we have just enjoyed the rest of our time together as a family!
Who would have thought - 7 years ago - as we said I do, that we would be here! We have THREE kids - not just three though - TRIPLETS! So not what I imagined! But I couldn't have imagined anything better! :) I am married to a man that is completely wonderful! So giving, loving, such a servant, one of the hardest workers I have ever seen, awesome daddy! I could go on and on! I am so thankful that God put us together!! We have had a roller coaster of a life so far but I can't imagine living life with anyone but him!
Happy Anniversary Babe! I love you more and more everyday!!

Some more on Valentines Day...

Our Valentines -2010
My Valentine from the babies! :)
Heart shaped and round sugar cookie pops and lots of pink and white m&ms for the Grandparents. Fun to put together, didn't quite turn out how I was hoping but they'll do! :) I just had to document the heart shaped omelet I made for Jason for breakfast! :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine Fun!

We went to Amber's (amberfischer.com) Valentine photobooth - SO fun! We thought it would
make some super cute Valentines for the Grandparents!

First real experience with cookies - they were IN LOVE!

Haha, funny story! Or bad mom moment - we thought it would be cute if Madison would stand on the bench for some pictures. Well, you have to know Madison but she was not super impressed with the whole picture taking to begin with, plus she was wary of the strangers around, and cranky cause it was close to nap time. All that to say she did NOT want to stand on the bench. Right after this picture was taken she went tumbling backwards trying to get down. So she is folded up like a taco between the bench and backdrop crying. Meanwhile I dove forward, with Cam in my hands, trying to catch her. I scraped Cams head against the wall as I dove. So he was also crying! None of us thought Cam got hurt though, so we were all saying, "oh, Cam you are fine stop crying" and focusing on Madi. Then I finally saw his head was scratched up and realized he WAS crying for a reason. So anyway, I did some comforting and passed out snacks to make them happy again and life was once again good!
We thought it would be fun to get some of the kiddos together! They are going to be great friends! :)

Look at these handsome boys!!!
Best Valentines present I could ask for! What a blessing these three are to me!
Happy Valentines Day!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Highschool Fun

Well, having pictures would make this post more fun but we didn't think of taking any in time. Jacob is going to a dance at his new school. He LOVES his new school, he is doing SO well there and everyone loves him. Anyway, he wanted to ask a certain girl, but you don't just simply ask you go all out.

Jacob and my Mom did some research and came up with a cute idea. He got a bouquet of roses and a six pack of Strawberry Crush (in the bottles). He made up a really cute note that said "I would be CRUSHED if you didn't go to the dance with me". He had some balloons attached to them also. He asked one of the secretaries deliver them to her desk for him. Now, the girl doesn't just say yes either. So the next day Jacob got a big bouquet of black and white balloons (that is the theme of the dance) with a bottle of Fuze drink. Attached to the drink and balloons was a not that said "How could I Re-FUZE to go with you". SO cute! I love how fun they make this! They are excited and will have a great time I think. Makes me want to go.... :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Prayer is Needed!

As I am sure you have heard on the news there is a team of fellow christians from a couple churches in our area who have been arrested in Haiti. The team of 10 went over to SERVE! They went to help the helpless children - and the enemy has been at work!! They have been in prison now for 5 days and it looks like they may (or have been? I don't have for sure details) charged with kidnapping. It's a heartbreaking, scary and awful situation. Central Valley Baptists pastor and congregation have been targeted in such an awful way! They are being harrased constantly. We need to come together as fellow christians, as brother and sisters in the Lord! We need to be lifting these people and their families to the Lord! Pastor Clint and his staff and family need so much prayer as well. The false stories and slander have been overwhelming! Please, please prayer for these dear people who went to serve our Lord and His children!