Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A little road trip and...

A Happy Birthdayto Bianca!

We love you!!

We all made a trip to Twin Falls to celebrate Biancas birthday with her.

We had a great time and the kids did really well on the trip. Cam was not feeling good so he didn't sleep well and I was up all night SO I was kinda tired...Madison was also in a little funk so the ride home was interesting. But really overall they did a great job! :) Dan and Lisa were our gracious hosts
Present time...
You are how old now?????
Love you Binca - hope your day was great!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

What's been keeping us busy

We are making progress on the upstairs! YEA!! I am so excited to have it finished!!! Been waiting a LONG time! Jason works so hard during the week and then comes home and works hard here too! But it's looking great - thanks Babe!!!

I can't get this picture to go where I want it to. BUT this is the SUPER cute sports decor I foung for the boys. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this lamp!!
This is the bathroom-to-be!
This mess doesn't look like progress but it is!!! This is a light, yes I took a picture of a light. BUT we have not had light in our living room since we moved in. We have had a few lamps but lets face it - those don't give off the best lighting. I am totally a light girl! It was always really dark in the evenings in the winter. So Jason and Brian worked for a whole day and put in 5 can lights! HOOORAAAY!! I love the new bright light I have!!
My newest project, not finished yet but I am loving the way it's looking! The white will be painted black and I am going to put chalkboard paint on the glass.
I am re-doing the kids bedroom. Madison will be in her own room when we finish the upstairs. She is not a good sleeping buddy - AND the room is not big enough for three 2 year olds! This quilt is what I am designing colors and themes from for her. Katie made is for her and I LOVE it!
Her sign with new matching ribbon! These quilts are adorable! They perfect! They have stiching and layered fabric. I really wanted something different, not the typical sports theme and this one did it! I have some big plans for wall hangings and paint colors! Can't wait!

That's just a little bit of what I have been doing instead of blogging... :)

Weekend Fun!

A couple weekends ago we went to McCall for the weekend with my family. My Dad had won a stay at this really nice cabin from the Walk for Life and saved for when Sage came home for his R&R. We all went, all 13 of us. Our little Martindale family of 4 has grown quite large these days!
We had a blast! Lots of eating, playing in the snow, watching movies and visiting. We did a lot of relaxing and it was wonderful! It was fun to all hang out too. We are not all in the same place very often, so it was nice.
BIG icicles!
Love this guy!
Love these two guys!
Uncle Sage did the boys hair...nice huh??
Cameron and Silas reading together.
Playing dominoes - Madison style. Sage would build them and Madison would knock them over.
The view outside the living room. I missed the best shot, there were more beautiful mountians covered by the fog. But it was a pretty view anyway!
A nice view of Madisons food - and the family with our YUMMY breakfast. We had a lot of good food that weekend! :)
We found a great but kind of dangerous sledding hill. There was a very big dip that messed quite a few people up. Me included. I was SURE I broke a rib for a few hours. I survived. Jake and Silas were in a lot of pain after this one. Silas didn't sit much for the rest of the weekend!
Breakfast at the Pancake House.
Jake is an awesome Uncle! The kiddos love him so much!
Love my little family!!
Sage styled his hair to match the boys. What a rockin group!
Yes, I do claim him as my husband! :) It was -1 out there and this is what Jason came out to play in. I think this poor man has worked out in the awful weather conditions for far too long! He is becoming immune!
Aren't they cute?
Aren't they cute too???

Monday, March 7, 2011

Welcome James!!

Our newest nephew arrived healthy and ADORABLE!!
We are so excited that this special little guy is here and doing so well!
(I am a little late in posting but better late than never!)
He was 5lbs 7oz
So small and sweet!
Get to go over tonight and love on him some more!
Can't wait!