Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A trip down memory lane....

Cameron Jason McKinney - 3lbs 6oz 16.5in Born first at 11:50am

The first time I saw Cam!

BARELY fit in his car seat!
Daddy and Cam!

First time I held Cam - I had to wait ALL the way until the next day! Cam was the only one ready to be held at that point.

Cameron a few weeks old - tiny little man!!

Going home day at 1 month old and 4lbs!

Blake Brian McKinney 3lbs 15oz 16.75in Born second at 11:51am

My first time meeting Blake!

One new little baby!

Our big boy just hours old! He had a much harder time than the other two. It took quite a while for him to learn how to breath. We had to wait quite a few days before we could hold him! :(

Another tiny little man but he has always had big hands!

My first LONG awaited hold of my baby boy!!

Blakes first outfit! Such a fun day. Pumkin hat doesn't match but they had to have those on so they didn't loose their body heat which in turn would make them work to hard to stay warm, burn precious calories, loose weight and take even longer to come home!

Jason loving on Blake before we took the other two home! That was the hardest day of my life! I felt so bad leaving him there and taking the other two home! But he needed that little extra time and joined us a week later. I don't have coming home pics of him. :( We were way deprived of sleep at that point - well we thought we were! We didn't know what was coming by adding just one more.....SO, no pics but such a WONDERFUL day!

Madison Joy McKinney 3lbs 1/2 oz 16 inches long Born last at 11:52am

Here she comes Getting taken care of right after she was born. SO SMALL!!

My first hold with Madi just a couple days old! They had SO much stuff on them!

Daddy doing Kangaroo care - skin to skin contact has been proven to help them improve faster. We did a lot of it!

Soakin up some rays.....
Love this girl

Madisons first outfit! It was preemie size and she was DROWNING in it. About 3 weeks old.

Going homefor Madison! 1 months old and about 4lbs. She REALLY didn't fit in the seat. I was kinda scared to drive her home! Plus we really had to watch their breathing cause they were so small the car seat could make it hard to breath. WOW - that was a scary time for us! SO much to learn, watch and protect them from!
That's my walk down memory lane! Such precious memories. I miss those little babies SO much but I am enjoying watching them grow and blossom! Here's to the next year!!

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