Wednesday, November 3, 2010


It's been a while since I did an update post. So, I am trying to catch up!

Cam is such a blessing! He is so happy - just about all the time. I appriciate that so much. He's so loving and sweet! He is always giving me kisses and hugs! He will come running in the room grabs on to my leg, pats it, sighs and says hi mommy, love you mommy. So sweet, I love it!

I think he is going to be one smart cookie too. He figures things out I have never even told him about. He surprises me daily with the things he knows. I usually only have to tell him something once and he remembers. He has started praying, they all three love to pray which is awesome! They always remind me before meals that we need to pray. How great is that??

Cameron is a TALKER! He talks ALLLLL the time. He really is very understandable most of the time too. He is FUNNY - I love listening to him and all the cute things he comes up with and puts together. He's got a pretty big vocabulary so far. When you ask him a question and the answer is yes he says "OH YEA". Love it! He gives me a wap on the bottom and says "Mommies bum bum?" He has learned to say bootie too from his Dad. :) He says cool dude and dude. Way cute. I have got to start writing down the things he says because I forget and they are just to dang cute to forget. Likes to point at anything and everything and say "Wa Dat?" (What's That) He uses "that" for anything he can't think of a word for. Funny conversations.

He is a ball fanatic! He LOVES balls, LOVES to throw them. His newest favorite is the soccer ball. I didn't think anything would ever trump the basketball but it has! Have to work on that... :) He has a great arm, and is a great shot with the basketball. He can catch too.

He is a very good obedient boy. Just happy and nice most of the time. His biggest problem is whining..A LOT. He tends to be a bit of a stinker to the other two and just prefers to be left alone. That's probably because they are always taking stuff from him! But we are working on teaching them to love each other and to be kind to one another. He is very sensitive to discipline, rarely get's in trouble but when he does it really hurts his feelings. He recovers fast and moves on happily.

Have a mentioned how much he loves his thumb too???? Bad habit, but so cute! Love his monkey and puppy. Has to sleep with both of them. Has a pillow in his bed that he LOVES! Loves fruit snacks and pizza. Just a joy to be around, going to keep us laughing I think!

Has almost all his teeth. Wears 24 month to 2T clothes. Is in a size 5 to 6 shoe. He is a solid boy! Weighs about 26lbs.

Love this kid!!

More on the other two to come...

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