Sunday, November 7, 2010

Missing you...

I miss my grandparents so much every day, but most of all at the holidays! This time of year was full of so many special traditions. It was the time we had our shop til you drop annual Christmas shopping. Full of fun, eating, visiting and of course shopping!! Most days I still don't really believe they are gone. I still pick up the phone to call them or think of the next time to visit. Miss them so much!

Granpda was so full of life and fun! He was the life of the party. Always made us laugh with the things he came up with. Always with Grandma in the other room yelling at him for one reason or another. They fought like cats and dogs. But you still knew they loved each other so much. They were married for over 50 years, how many people can say that?
Grandma was such a strong woman. She was a fighter all the way! I think on some of my really bad days if I were to call her and tell her how hard the kids were being she would say "sorry honey" - but then basically tell me to buck up! She would tell me a story from when she was little or what her mom had to live through until I got the point that my life isn't so bad! She wanted to meet this great grand kids more than anything. Wish she could have! Oh, I miss them so much, it aches!

How blessed am I to have had them! To have all these amazing and special memories? And so blessed to still have a set of Grandparents here with us that are absolutely amazing too. And who love their Great Grandkids more than me I think! ;)

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