Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Big step for this Momma

I made one big step today! Sheila and I had the itch to go do something fun today. Now, in Ontario, while it's cold, that can be hard to do! :) So we decided since it was cold we would got Jolts and Juice and get coffee and lunch. The big step part of that is I have never gone out to eat with the kids and no one that can help me. I have gone without Jason mulitple times but it's always with someone who does not have kids so I have extra hands and eyes to help me. I decided it was time to try and it went great! I have always been worried I would loose control of them . My biggest worry is trying to walk in somewhere, through a parking lot or with a street near by and only having two hands and THREE 2 year olds! BUT one held my hand and the other two held hands down the line. I was so proud of them. They were very well behaved and for the most part did just what I asked them. With no Daddy back up! :) Brogan and Briscoe did really good too and we had a lot of fun! So we had 4 two year olds and 11 month old baby and two mommies! Wild ride but it was fun! Thanks for the fun day Sheila!!

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