Thursday, October 28, 2010

Our Week

Wow - it has been some character building days around here. For Mommy and the kids. I was just bragging a couple weeks ago how we haven't gotten sick much, and that we haven't had the flu bug since last year. Ha. Can you say KNOCK ON WOOD. :) First Blake got it, we had a pretty rough week last week with him. Lots of sleepless nights for me and him. Lots of crying and not feeling good. (From both of us.) Jason was out of town again so it was just me and them. My Mom was a great help though. She let us come stay with her and helped me out with the other two.

Then...I thought "I think we are in the clear". Ha. Can you say KNOCK ON WOOD. :) Then Madison got it. Jason left again. So we have had a pretty hard second week with lots of crying and not feeling good. Poor babies, it breaks my heart when you can see how yucky they feel. It's the worst when you can't really do anything to make them feel better. So sad. :( But I think Madison is finally on the mend and hoping Cam doesn't get it.

Blake is starting to sprout a very surprising stubborn side to himself. I never thought he would be the one I would have stand off after stand off with. -Sigh- Man, can this kid throw a fit and man is he stubborn. Poor kid, got a double dose of stubborn from his mom AND dad. We are staying consistant and trying to teach him to having a loving, obedient spirit. Hope he learns soon... He does have such a sweet side though! That's why it surprises me so much. He is just a sweetie most of the time. Is good a sharing, being thoughtful. The other day we were all four sitting on the floor and I was giving them oatmeal for breakfast. They always think it's hot, so I pat them and say it's not hot just eat it. Madison was taking a bite and starting whining that it was hot. So Blake tilts his head to the side, pats her on the head and says in the sweetest voice "No hot, omeal no hot sissy." SO CUTE!!!

So after this long week of no sleep and LOTS of character building Jason comes home tomorrow! YEA!! Just what we all need!! So thankful for Aunt Boo and my Mom and Dad though, cause they make these harder days SO much better.

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