Saturday, November 13, 2010

Oh Cameron...

This poor kid - he has got some issues! He has struggled with eczema since he was teeny tiny. The last year we are finding that he is probably going to have a lot of asthma issues as well. All the colds he has gotten over the last few months go very quickly to his lungs. VERY quickly. He will wake up in the morning with just a runny nose and by that evening he is really struggling to breath and VERY wheezy. Pretty scary stuff! I don't like it I have to say. At least I am starting to get a feel of things and am able to know if it's really bad and needs a rushed trip to Boise or if we can watch him through the night.

AND, a shout out to our AMAZING pediatrician who gives out his cell phone number and says to call anytime and is always so happy to help. How often do you come across that??? LastC night he talked to me 3 time up until about 10pm and then said that he would talk to me all through the night if that's what we needed to do.

So yesterday, the day before the BIG DAY for Grace and Tyler, Cam woke up with a runny nose. I didn't think too much about it and he was pretty happy for the day. He started getting crabby in the late afternoon and I started to wonder. We went to the rehearsal and by the time it was finished (half hour) Cam was really wheezing and struggling to breath. Got him home and proceeded with a very long night of no sleep! (And Mommy had to get up at 6:20 for hair and makeup!) Cam was doing better and made it to the wedding. Although now that I know he may have strep I shouldn't have brought him. But we were convinced it was asthma not viral. :( Went through the wedding, pictures and all the crazy wedding stuff, then I rushed off to Boise to get Cam checked out.

It's looking like he is just going to be very sensitive and will get sick very easy. And when he does get sick, it will probably go straight to the lungs and cause breathing problems. Poor baby! It's so sad, i hate it! Anyway, got his meds and hopefully he will get a good night sleep. Will find out tomorrow if it's just a viral infection or strep. This is only TWO WEEKS since he had pnemonia and ear infection. -sigh- I am tired... :) So, we are thinking it's probably time to go back to our stricter rules on the kids being around anyone sick. We have slacked off since they are no long at a dangerous risk but if Cam is going to be this sensitive we are going to have to be careful! The doc said he will probably get anything and everything. So back to being the germ nazi cause it's just to much and the baby and the mommy and daddy!

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