Sunday, November 7, 2010


Madison Joy. My little firecracker! She is full of life, spunk and stubborn to boot! :) Poor girl, she has a double dose of stubborn from her Mommy and Daddy!

Madison is a fun little girl to have in the house. She is VERY opinionated! She is starting to decide what she does and does not want to wear and WHEN she wants to wear it. She knows what she wants and she tells ya. :) I think she is going to be a lot like her Momma in the clean and organized area! When it comes to cleaning up toys, I always help the kids put away the toys in certain bins. So the balls go in one bin, the books in another and so on. So little Miss Madison wants the same thing - the boys of course could care less!! So it makes for some interesting cleaning times while the boys are trying to put the toys away and getting upset because Madison throws everything out that they just put away. All the while yelling NO NO NO!! She doesn't have any real loves yet, other than her Mommy. And I am not just saying that! This girl is SO attached! I can not ever sit down during the day with out a her wanting (and of course all the others but they usually go play better!) to sit with me and crying if I say no. Everywhere I go she goes. Sometimes it get's hard, especially if I am trying to do anything but it's still sweet!

She does really like to color and is never ready to put them away. It's fun to see them getting into coloring and crafting! We also have a drawing toy she LOVES. She loves music, especially in the car. She always asks for a CD and is very opinionated about which songs she wants to listen to. She is VERY adventerous, loves being thrown, tossed, flipped. Climbs anywhere and everywhere. Loves to be outside and going on walks. LOVES the park and anytime we drive past one I hear "Paak, Paak, NO MINE!" She thinks any park is hers and that no other child (other than Blake and Cameron) should be able to play on it without her permission! Has started sleeping with a pillow - they all have - and that just looks WAY too grown up to me! Has started screaming and shrieking when she get's excited. It's pretty cute, loud but cute! Last night we told them Grammy and Grandpa were stopping by and the shrieks that came out of her were defening! She just screamed and jumped and yelled BAMPA, MAMMY!!

Madison loves to eat! This girl can put the food down too! :) All day she follows me around saying "E, E, E, Mommy!!" Her favorite thing is fruit snacks! I have to be careful about asking them if they want a snack because the word snack means fruit snack! She stands at the cupboard and says NACK PEASE!!! All that food isn't doing much though, she is still at about 23-24lbs and wearing mostly 18month clothes. We are starting to run into the too tall but too skinny problem for clothes!

I love Madisons spunk and life! Some days, it really wears me out though! :) She is doing so much better in her obedience and being happy. We still butt heads a lot throughout during the day with who is in charge and cheerful, quick obedience. Some days are really long and hard - but she has been making big improvements. That is always encouraging to see! So thankful for this girl - excited to see what God has for her! Love you Madi!!!

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