Friday, November 5, 2010


My little Blake. This kid is just a mix
that always keeps me guessing and on my toes! He is a very sweet thoughtful boy. He is usually doing nice little things to the other kiddos. If anyone is in trouble he gives them toys in their crib, he's good and giving hugs when someone is sad or just because. He is still pretty quiet. Although when he gets excited it really shows!! :) He is still shy but is warming up a lot quicker than he used to. He has had a very stubborn and defiant side come out, which has surprised me! Oh man, it's really been hard with him. One minute he's really loving and the next he's in a complete stand off with me. I love that passion in him and I am just praying that Lord will help me and Jason to guide him and use in the right way. Until then it's going to be hard...Daddy has never witnessed this - it's just between me and Blake! :)

He LOVES music. It's so cute, loves to dance and is always asking me to turn on a "dd" (cd). Loves books, I find him sitting off by himself all the time reading to himself. He loves his Daddy. They all get excited when Jason gets home but Blake get's the most excited and animated. Blake also loves movies, WAY too much. I think I will have to be careful or he will be a tv junkie!! And he will actually just sit and watch it for quite a while, very engrossed in it.

He is not talking a ton but has a decent vocabulary. He does a lot of talking to me in his foreign language with a few understandable words thrown in there. He will try and repeat anything you ask him too, it all kind of sounds the same though. :) I like how hard he tries to copy though. He's about 25lbs and is tall and skinny! He's gonna be a lean machine, Cameron will be the big husky linebacker! He's wearing 24 months to 2T clothing and size 6-7 shoes.

Blakes has the sweetest kisses. When I ask for a kiss he comes running up with his lips puckered making kissing noises until I give him a kiss. It's very sweet! He likes to give great big bear hugs too. Daddy has been teaching them to do that - I really like those bear hugs! Blake is a joy - he's a wonderful blessing to our family. And even on our hardest days - I don't know what I would do without him! I am excited to see what the next year will bring with him!

LOVE you Blake!!!

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