Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This week and SHOES!

Wow - I don't know how to describe this week other than HARD - VERY HARD!! Tuesday the kids came down with some pretty bad colds. Jason left Wednesday morning and they got MUCH worse. We had fevers, nasty croupy coughs, runny noses and lots of crankiness!! Lots of nights with NO sleep for kids or mommy, and NO Daddy home to help! Ahhhhh!!! And my mom and Dad were out of town too! Ends up the kids had a mild case of RSV which freaked me out! That was the thing we have been scared about since they were preemies! But the doctor said it hadn't really reached their lungs and they should be fine. And they are! :) We just got them on some medicine and lots of sleep and they are finally doing better. Praise God!! So it didn't turn out to be too serious - just stressful! We have also been dealing with some new bad attitudes and pushing the limits just as far as they can. Grrrr...... But we are trying to be consistant hopefully that will pay off! Jason comes home today so that definately puts a postive spin on everything! Can't wait to see him and have him home for a while! I know I have said it before but single parenting is NOT for me! I need him - he IS my better half!! Besides the parenting end of things, I just love the guy and miss him like crazy while he's gone!

And, on a lighter note. We went shoe shopping today! How crazy am I??? Aunt Boo and I took the 3 kiddos to Payless and tried shoes on them! It was quite the experience to say the least!! The last time we did that they were not mobile this time..... I came home with a whole new list of things we need to work on! :) They actually did pretty good - they just were 3 curious 1 year olds! But we ended up with all the shoes they needed and went and bought them french fries as a reward. Even though I don't think they get the whole reward system yet! Haha! Mommy got a big caffinated coffee as her reward! I wanted to take pictures to document our trip but there was no way that would have happened. Plus the lady that worked there was probably already overwhelmed with us being there in the first place! :)

I hear the kids hollering from their cribs-time to go start the afternoon!

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