Monday, February 8, 2010

Highschool Fun

Well, having pictures would make this post more fun but we didn't think of taking any in time. Jacob is going to a dance at his new school. He LOVES his new school, he is doing SO well there and everyone loves him. Anyway, he wanted to ask a certain girl, but you don't just simply ask you go all out.

Jacob and my Mom did some research and came up with a cute idea. He got a bouquet of roses and a six pack of Strawberry Crush (in the bottles). He made up a really cute note that said "I would be CRUSHED if you didn't go to the dance with me". He had some balloons attached to them also. He asked one of the secretaries deliver them to her desk for him. Now, the girl doesn't just say yes either. So the next day Jacob got a big bouquet of black and white balloons (that is the theme of the dance) with a bottle of Fuze drink. Attached to the drink and balloons was a not that said "How could I Re-FUZE to go with you". SO cute! I love how fun they make this! They are excited and will have a great time I think. Makes me want to go.... :)

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