Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'm getting SO bad at this

**Readers Beware**
- This is a LOOOOONNNNG post -
I am sad to say I have really fallen behind on updating about the kids. I thought it was hard to post while they were newborn - boy was I wrong! They sure slept a lot back then, and they were not so mobile, or naughty.

They are growing up so fast! I just can't believe that a year ago they were just barely 6 months old! Now they are big, thriving, busy little sweethearts! They are all getting such funny personalities - it's fun to watch them blossom! They are also very challenging right now - lots of discipline, fighting, temper-tantrums and naughtyness (is that a word?) is in full force. I have yet to come up with a description of raising three toddlers - the same age - let's just say it's overwhelming, crazy busy and blessed times 3!! I have to admit, life has just been hard lately. Partly because Jason has been gone, but partly because it's just hard with three one year olds. If one's not having a bad day the other one is. Or all three are teething a crabby at the same time. Or all three are sick and just want mommy to cuddle them all at the same time. Or they all three take turns waking up through out the night while not feeling good so mommy gets no sleep. The list goes on and on....I'm not complaining - I promise -but I know I will read back through this one day and want to know these details, it's just the facts. Some days I just don't want to be a stay-at-home mommy, some days I don't want to be a mommy at all. Some days I don't think I can do it for another hour let alone another day. But then someone says "mommy mommy mommy" and comes and gives me a hug. Or someone laughs their contagious little laugh. Or someone grabs my leg in a big bear hug and just smiles at me. Or says something funny. Or does something funny. And then Daddy comes home and gives me a hug and kiss and says it's going to be ok. And then I look at my babies in a whole new light and am overwhelmed with thankfulness. Tomorrow, I know I may go through the same cycle again - but I know my Savior will strengthen me, my husband will encourage me, and my kiddos will make me laugh and it will be ok! Then I remember to focus on today, and even though it may be HARD I will never get it back, and I WILL miss it someday! They are such a joy, such funny little characters. And when I see them giving each other loves and kisses - well that just makes my day and makes me realize how sweet they are too.
They are really learning a lot. Their Daddy is so good at teaching them things and really working with them on things. They know now, if the want a snack between meal times to come to the kitchen and sit down. Sometimes when they come in and I tell them to sit they just drop wherever they are. It's pretty funny. They are also learning to sit still when we ask them. We had company last week and we were eating in the living room. We asked them to sit down while we ate (they had already eaten, we weren't starving them or anything! :)) and they sat their so good until we told them to get up. I was so proud of them. They are also learning to come when we ask them, that is still a work in progress depending on why we are asking them to come or what we are asking them to leave! :) They go to their room when asked wether for play or if they need a time out. Going to their room for time out BREAKS their heart! It's some time out too, toys galore in there and it usually last like 2 minutes! But they hate it all the same! Those are few things we have been working on and they are doing so well! THey are learning to fold their hands and pray at meal times and bed time. SO sweet!
Blake is such a sweetie! He had a short time of being pretty grumpy and hitting EVERYONE! Oh, it was so hard! But we were consistant with teaching him that was not ok and he seems to have caught on. He has always had such a sweet gentle spirit but it is showing even more now. He is very quite and plays by himself a lot. He loves to give hugs, he has even learned to give them with wide open arms! I LOVE IT! He runs up to me hundreds of times a day with big open arms to give me a hug. And he always gives WIDE open mouth kisses too. Even when he has snot running everywhere. Oh, how I cringe when he gives me those kisses! :) He is a great helper. When I ask him to help clean up the toys he runs around very happily and puts his toys in the toy baskets. His newest thing is to share, nice huh? He loves to bring you things, or give things to the other kids. As he handing them to you he says in the CUTEST voice, tank ew (thank you). He is still a man of not many words, but he can dance! :) Loves dancing to music! He is learning to eat with a spoon and a fork and is doing great. He's wearing size 4 diapers during the day, size 6 at night cause we were having serious leaking issues! He is wearing mostly 18 month clothes now and size 5 wide shoes. Blake loves to rock too. My Granparents got each one of them a rocking chair and he LOVES it. We have been breaking them of their attachment to their blankets - it was getting pretty bad and causing lots of fights. So now they only get them at nap/bed time and when we are somewhere they are not very comfortable. They know now when they get up that we hang them up in their crib. When Blake see's us come in the door he get so excited, jumps up and does his best to tuck it somewhere so he can get up. So cute how they learn! He can also climb their jungle gym in the backyard all by himself! When he gets to the top he goes head first down the slide. He is finally working on getting his 5th tooth - this poor kid is slow in the teeth department! Loves to bursh his teeth which is good. He knows where is ears, eyes, noes, mouth,tongue and belly button are. He can give knuckles which is way cute. He can do high fives too. Still is not a good eater, we have to force feed him most of the time. He loves his bottle and would live off that if we would let him. Loves to be outside. His newest obsession shut things. ANYTHING that is open Blake wants to close. He is such a sweetheart and we are so blessed by him!
Madison, my dear little Madison. She is going to make me old and gray WAY before my time! This girl has enough spunk and attitude to cover all the girls in the US - no joke! My dear husband reminds me on a daily basis that she gets it all from me. Which I am sad to say and HATE to admit - he's right! Ahhh....payback is not fun! (I'm REALLY sorry Mom!!) She has a beautiful smile! I love her grin! When she wants to flash it for she makes my day. She is so funny, she loves the rough and tumble kind of play! Loves to be tossed, spun and wrestled with. When she is teasing you she bends her legs and tucks her head and jogs in place. It's hard to describe but is so funny. I'll have to post a video. She HATES things on her feet. I can not keep socks on this kid! It's kind of gross, but the poor girl sweats like a pig when she has to wear shoes and socks. When I take her shoes off from just a car ride her socks are wet. I hope this doesn't continue into her teen years..... :) She loves trucks and cars. Recently got a babydoll and thinks that's the best thing EVER! She'll climb anything - she has some serious upper body strength. She can pull herself up on just about anything just anything! Madison would live outside if I let her! And dogs, oh don't get me started! She loves them (unless they are up close!) and screeeeaams when she see's or hears one. I hate our neighbors dog that BARKS ALL DAY and night but that is the highlight of my kids day! Haha... Madison is still a great eater! Loves her food and she can pack it away. She is wearing 12 month clothes and in size 2-3 shoes. She is still pretty tiny. About 18-19lbs and still in her infant car seat. Poor thing! She hates it! I am sad and slightly embarrased to announce she is a biter!'s been driving me crazy. We of course are cracking down on it but have yet to break her of it, although she has slowed down. I think she is starting to get the point. She throws terrible fits. Some are loud some are what I call silent fits. When she knows she will get in trouble for crying and making a scene she just stares at me and backs up until she runs into something. Then she either start knocking her head on it her slinks to the ground and starts convulsing. If it wasn't so naughty it would be one of the funniest things I have ever seen. But it's not! :) She is making progress though and I am proud of her! She doesn't say much that anyone can understand but she talks a lot. She just babbles to herself or the boys. So cute! She loves to read books too, I love listening to that! She knows where her hair, eyes, ears, nose and belly button are also. She can give high fives but hasn't yet figured out knucks! :) We're working on that! She has recently become more like her mom in being a clean freak. She HATES her hands getting dirty and whines at me until I wash them. She tries to sweep the floor with her hand when there are crumbs there. The other day she got upset because there was a sticky spot on the coffee table that I had to clean for her. Haha...I love it! She is such a blessing and I love having her around!

Cameron my personal comedian! He is such a laid back, sweet, fun loving, funny guy! If God had given Cameron to me as a single, first baby I would have had a HUGE head. I would have thought, this parenting thing is CAKE and I can have like 1o kids. God knew what I needed! Haha...seriously though he is an easy kid. He has his moments like anyone but for the most part is happy. Lately he has gotten vocal and selfish about his balls he LOVES so much. It doesn't matter what kind of ball, tennis, bowling, basketball, football, he LOVES THEM ALL! He hoards them. He sit in the middle of the room with as many balls as he can and screams if the other kids get too close. We have been working on that..... You have to see it to believe how much he loves them. It's so funny! This kid has an arm on him too, and I am not just saying that cause I'm his mom. He is VERY accurate and can throw pretty hard. His newest thing he loves is hiding. I have a desk in the living room right now that he loves to crawl under and then pulls the chair in so you can't see him. He hides under the table in between the chairs, he hides under the high chair. Usually has a few balls with him too. Outside with the jungle gym you usually find him underneath with a couple outside balls. He can also climb it and go head first down the slide but mostly chooses to be under it. :) He is going to be my talker, he will copy most of what you say to him. He can say: amen, teeth, dog, mommy, daddy, grandpa, aunt boo, bottle, how rude (hahaha...copied me the other day), no no (he holds his hands to his chest and says no no to things he is not supposed to do.), banana, cracker and apple. And I am sure more I am missing. He is by far our best eater and our chubby little man. The difference between him and Blake is funny! Blake is tall and lean and Cam is short and chubby! He is wearing mostly 18 month clothes too and size 4 wide shoes. He is just starting to throw some fits get mad when he doesn't get his way. He turns the water works on when he gets in trouble and makes me feel so guilty - but don't worry we don't give in! He is a belly sleeper - it's the only way he sleeps. He belly laughs all the time, it's so contagious and one of my favorite sounds. He is a mommys boy all the way! He knows where his eyes, ears, hair, tongue, mouth, nose and belly button are. Cameron is such a sweet, fun, happy boy and is such a blessing to me!

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Tasha -

Thank you for sharing your feelings about the difficulty of being a mommy (at the beginning of this post). I was having a really rough day yesterday (we've been sick with the stomach flu all weekend and have just been couped up too long!) and I actually found myself thinking, "If Tasha can do this with triplets, I can do this with ONE baby!" lol You're my role model! I am in awe of you and think you're doing a fabulous job raising your little blessings. ( :