Thursday, February 4, 2010

Prayer is Needed!

As I am sure you have heard on the news there is a team of fellow christians from a couple churches in our area who have been arrested in Haiti. The team of 10 went over to SERVE! They went to help the helpless children - and the enemy has been at work!! They have been in prison now for 5 days and it looks like they may (or have been? I don't have for sure details) charged with kidnapping. It's a heartbreaking, scary and awful situation. Central Valley Baptists pastor and congregation have been targeted in such an awful way! They are being harrased constantly. We need to come together as fellow christians, as brother and sisters in the Lord! We need to be lifting these people and their families to the Lord! Pastor Clint and his staff and family need so much prayer as well. The false stories and slander have been overwhelming! Please, please prayer for these dear people who went to serve our Lord and His children!


Eunice said...

I have been praying. I do not believe the false media. Will keep praying. So sad.

Tasha said...

Thanks Eunice!