Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Do you realize...

How precious life is? Oh, as I am pretty much sobbing here - I am reminded at how precious life is, all life! But right now I am thinking in particularly of my 3 miracles! I was reading a story tonight of a mom who's 18 month old drowned in her tub. Before everyone gets to sad - he has made a miraculous recovery and is alive today! But just a couple weeks ago, the mom was getting ready to bath the kids when another kid needed her attention. She left for just a couple minutes. But that's all it took! She gives all the details and I could totally picture myself doing the same thing. "oh, I can run and do that quick - nothing could happen in THAT short of time right?" Oh, so wrong! Go here for the full story stakerzxposed.blogspot.com.

Anyway, accidents happen, things happen. Not that we live day to day thinking what's going to happen today that will be terrible. But to live not so comfortably that we forget how fragile and precious every life is. Oh, man it hit me hard tonight!

It also took me back to seeing my three babies hooked up to monitors with tubes and things poking out everywhere. With a machine that helped them breath, and tubes to feed them and on and on. It is so scary wondering if they are going to make, if you get to take them home, if they are going to have problems or be ok? I forget how scary the first month of my kids life was because they are SO healthy and thriving now. Instead I get frustrated cause they are not minding me, upset cause they are fighting. Isn't it so easy to get caught up in that kind of thing? I am so thankful for reminders to cherish every moment the Lord has blessed us with. To focus on the positive and not let the hard things overshadow everything else!! I am thankful that the Lord blessed that family with a miracle and I hope he gives the mommy a peace of knowing that she is still a good mommy!

Anyway, just thought I would share!

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Karli said...

It made me think many of these things too. I just felt for her because I could totally relate. I've left Gray tons to grab something, the phone or run a load of laundry...I know I'll be more careful & not take their safety for granted!

Glad the anniversary weekend went well and that you got such a nice getaway with Jason-you deserve it! Love you