Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine Fun!

We went to Amber's ( Valentine photobooth - SO fun! We thought it would
make some super cute Valentines for the Grandparents!

First real experience with cookies - they were IN LOVE!

Haha, funny story! Or bad mom moment - we thought it would be cute if Madison would stand on the bench for some pictures. Well, you have to know Madison but she was not super impressed with the whole picture taking to begin with, plus she was wary of the strangers around, and cranky cause it was close to nap time. All that to say she did NOT want to stand on the bench. Right after this picture was taken she went tumbling backwards trying to get down. So she is folded up like a taco between the bench and backdrop crying. Meanwhile I dove forward, with Cam in my hands, trying to catch her. I scraped Cams head against the wall as I dove. So he was also crying! None of us thought Cam got hurt though, so we were all saying, "oh, Cam you are fine stop crying" and focusing on Madi. Then I finally saw his head was scratched up and realized he WAS crying for a reason. So anyway, I did some comforting and passed out snacks to make them happy again and life was once again good!
We thought it would be fun to get some of the kiddos together! They are going to be great friends! :)

Look at these handsome boys!!!
Best Valentines present I could ask for! What a blessing these three are to me!
Happy Valentines Day!

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amber said...

Tasha -

So glad you guys came!! It's always fun (and an adventure) trying to get some shots of your three cuties! ( : And I LOVE what you did with the pics... the grandparent presents are so cute!!