Friday, September 30, 2011

Goodbye to Summer (yes 3 months late)

Our last campout of the summer over Labor Day. We had a wonderful time - other than Jasons truck breaking down and us being stranded on the way home! But since that didn't happen until the way home the weekend was great! We went hiking, lots of visiting, LOTS of good food made by Jason!
 Brian and Sheila came with us which always makes it more fun! The usual group that comes all had different plans this year for the annual campout so it was our small group. The kiddos love camping which is great. They get so excited to go and just play hard the entire time we are there. They get FILTHY too and that adds to fun. They ask all winter when we are going camping again. I love to be out in the woods enjoing Gods amazing creation. What a wonderful thing for the kids to grow up doing - we will have many fun memories I thinnk!

Found a great spot this time - nothing better than the perfect camp spot!
Their favorite thing was sitting around the camp fire with us. I have to say, that's one of my favorites too!
We went on a hike - crazy idea! It was a HOT, steep, DUSTY DUSTY hike. It was at the end of a long drive though and we needed to get the kids energy out! They did great but got so dusty I didn't think we would ever get them clean.

The last day, Jason wanted to go fishing. He found a spot that was great and wanted us all to go. The path to get there started with crossing over a tree that was across a creek - but it was a drop off, through a couple swampy rainforest type terrain and jumping a couple very wide creeks. No biggie. 4 adults, 5 kids and 2 dogs that had to be packed over. Jason is fired for finding fishing holes! :) It was fun, the kids had a blast catching fish. So we forgave him! 

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