Sunday, September 25, 2011

August 8-18th

I have got to stop to stop doing this to myself. I get SO far behind it takes daaaays to catch up. Oh, well! Here we go...

Monday I spent helping my parents unpack some more. We are sooo excited to have them closer that I was more than happy to unpack everything! :) It's a long process because we are trying to go through everything and make sure we get rid of the clutter for their beautiful new place! It's coming along though. It's also slower because the kids are there and love to be "helpful!" :)

Tuesday we started out the day at Aunt Boo's house. She loves to have us come over and play and we love to go. We picked apricots, played pickle ball, had a good time on her new beach and ran away from the neighbor dog that just wanted some loves from the kids. Actually, Blake is getting very brave and petted the dog and even fed him a treat! After Aunt Boo's it was back to the parents to unpack and decorate.

Wedensday was finally a slooooow day at home. I tend to get a little too busy and all of us (especially the kids) need that time at home in our own little routine! We went to Wingers for dinner with Bianca and Silas on their way home from their belated honeymoon.

Thursday we played with Sheila and her kiddos. We sure do love them! :) We usally go for a long walk to get in our exercise, then we let the kids play and if all goes well we get to visit! That evening my good friend Heather had a bridal shower. It was a nice shower and a great time of fellowship!

Friday spent the day with Jason - love the 3 day weekends! Kristen called that afternoon and asked if I would come stay with her. She was having a hard time with Sage being gone and feeling lonely. So I headed over to spend the night with her. We always have a fun time talking and watching girly movies! So thankful for her friendship - hope my kids grow up to be as good as friends as we are!

Saturday I spent the morning cleaning for Kristen. She hurt her back and could barely walk, so I thought I could help out a little. Headed home to spend time with the family but instead I came down with the WORST case of the flu I have ever had. I told Jason I felt worse then when I was preggo and on mag. If you have ever had mag, you know that's BAD! Jason had even made me a delicious meal of smoke tri tip and potatoes. That guy is an amazing cook!

Sunday through Tuesday I spent in bed and in the bathroom. God was really protecting the rest of my family because no one else got it. Which is unheard of...Jason also followed me around with clorox wipes, wiping any surface I touched. He also yelled anytime I walked out of my room to the kids, "DON'T TOUCH MOM!!!" Haha...I felt so loved. Actually I did, he took AWESOME care of me.

Wednesday I started POTTY TRAINING! Ahhhh....Blake and Cam had been very interested. They had even started going once in a while, waking up dry at naptime ect. So it begins...We met Dad and Kristen for a quick lunch at The Salsa Grill. Yum! LOVE mexican food!

Thursday was Curts birthday so we a super yummy bbq that evening to celebrate with him! It was a fun family time and delicious food. Can't beat that!

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