Sunday, April 4, 2010

And then there's Cameron..

Cameron is the ultimate funny man! He is the goofy, class clown, attention getting, funny man! He is always doing something to make me laugh! He makes funny noises, funny faces and just does weird things. :) He flirts and charms with the best of them. He is easy going and mellow. He LOVES his mommy! He runs around saying mommy in the CUTEST voice you have ever heard! He has turned into quite the mommys boy in the last few weeks. I look at this kid and think - man if he was my only kid life would be SOOO easy! I think that's why God gave me triplets, he didn't want me getting a big head! Cameron is our talker - he talks ALLL the time! Some of it real a lot of it jibberish! He's not perfect by any means, he has had a hard time sharing as of late. Been doing a little swatting at siblings. The last week or so he has really been struggling with obeying when I tell him to do something. But overall, he's just easy. He seems to just love life! I admire his happy little attitude so much! I think I need to take after that more! :) It's so fun to see the completely different personalities in kids that came at the exact same time. It floors me daily! Cameron has been catching on to the "NO" word lately. We have had to work on that. Although it is pretty cute at times. The other morning we finished some one-on-one bottle time and I said "Cam, should we go get the other kids? Let's go get Madison and Blake." He turned and looked at me and said (in the sweetest little voice you ever heard!!) "No Mommy, No!" These poor kiddos are in need of some more one-on-one time I think! I am excited to see this little kid grow too - I think we have some fun years ahead of us! So thankful for this amazing family the Lord has blessed me with!!

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