Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus

I know this is true - but it's something I am struggling with tonight! Loss, more loss! Loss that I don't understand and the cuts so deep! My dear sweet sis-in-law lost her baby this afternoon. She was 18 weeks along. The pain and hurt I can't even imagine and my heart breaks for her! But I know my Father in Heaven loves her more than anyone and He know they why's of our hearts and the reasons we may never understand in this life. Please, remember her and her family in your prayers!

My father-in-law who just lost his twin brother last year got news that his oldest brother passed away also. I know he is still hurting over his twin brother - and now this. Please pray for him also! Pray for peace and comfort!!

And in our home the flu bug has hit hard today! Blake and Cameron have been throwing up all day every 1/2 hour or so. They have been so upset every time it happens and just want their mommy. And it's hard for mommy to hold one and help the other throw up! It's so hard to not be "enough" to not be able to have enough of me to go around and meet each of their needs. The boys have been asleep for a while now and I pray they get more rest! Poor Madison got lost in it all and was showing me HOW much she needed attention too. I don't do well with smells and I have barely made it through the day without throwing up! Jason came home to help, only then I found out he was sick too. He worked most of the day feeling awful but finally came home when I called for help! THANK you to Grandma Danny who rushed over and stayed for hours helping clean up messes and comfort babies. I would have been lost without her! Now, I am going to go to bed before someone wakes up and needs me!

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Eunice said...

Praying for your family. Thanks for sharing.