Thursday, April 29, 2010

Where does the time go?

My Three Beautiful Babies!
They are almost not babies anymore - how in the world did that happen???
they are 19 months old. They are talking, running, laughing, fighting, loving, hugging, disobeying, climbing, playing and just being busy toddlers. It seems like a dream to me that a year and a half ago they were tiny, tiny babies who entered our world way too early. They were all just over 3lbs, hooked up to all sorts of machines, learning to breath, eat and swallow. I was worried sick, wondering if they would live, if they would be healthy, if they would have complications. We were living in the Ronald McDonald House and I hadn't been home in over 2 months. I spend my days at the hospital, holding them and talking to them and just looking at them. I had to go home everyday and leave them behind. (WAY hard!!)
I don't think anyone would ever guess that was their start in life! God has blessed them (and us) ABUNDANTLY!! Wow-it just floors me when I really sit and think about it. Now I have THREE crazy, busy, healthy toddlers running, and I mean running around all day long! And most days I wonder if I will make it through today, let alone another day.


I love you guys - you are so amazing! You are my dream come true!

Just STOP growing up so fast!

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Eunice said...

Glad that you are so thankful and that all is going well. Lots of answered prayers. So thankful all went well 19 months ago. Enjoy the pictures.