Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Flu Bug

So I guess it's been two weeks now but we had the dreaded flu bug hit our house. It hit us pretty hard too! We started our Tuesday out same as normal, everyone was fine. We even went and walked and played with Sheila, Brogan and Briscoe. Came home had a nice long nap too. I went in to get them up and was holding Blake. This part is funny, :) I asked Blake for a kiss and he wouldn't do it. So I was a little more stern with him and said firmly, Blake give mommy a love please. He did and about 10 seconds after he pulled away - BLECK - he threw up alllll down the front of me. I about died! If you don't know, I have a SUPER weak stomach when it comes to things like that. I can barely hold it in if I even hear someone puking - or any other bodily fluid! We were in the bedroom so of course, it's carpet. So I have a huge mess all down the front of my shirt and arms, big puddles on the floor, Madison trying to play in it, Cameron hanging onto me whining and upset and Blake in my arms crying and feeling miserable. Hmmm....what's a mom to do???? I was able to get it cleaned up, call Jason and get him on his way home and then get his Grandma Danny (a lifesaver) over to help me. Blake contiuned throwing up about every half hour. About and hour later Cameron started throwing up, then Jason got home and you guessed it, he was sick with the flu too! It was complete chaos! And I felt so horrible for the poor kiddos who just don't understand what's going on! We sat and cuddled and got bowls. After a lot of messes we decided to try and aim them in the bowls. They did pretty well too. At one point I could hear Cam's tummy rumbling and knew what was coming. I got the bowl under him and he looked at the bowl (knowing what it meant) and said in the sweeted, saddest voice ever "No Mommy, no!!" Poor baby! They finallly stopped at about 10 that night and were able to sleep through the night pretty well. The next couple days was just slow and not feeling well. Then Madison got it on Thursday and the boys got a second round of the flu in their diapers. Madison also got the second round. We were changing about 40 diapers a day. It was AWFUL!! They were finally starting to do better than I got it Sunday and was down with it Sunday and Monday. The kids finished it up with a yucky cold. I think now 2 weeks later we are finally well! Whew....it was something else! I would rather that never happened again! :)Thankfully we have some super star helpers and a super star hubby who helps even we he is sick too!


Nellie Coleman said...

Oh that is ROUGH. I am so thankful my kids aren't the kind to get tummy bugs. They get fevers, but have only thrown up perhaps 4-5 times each in their lives. Although once was at Red Lobster and that was horrid!! :) Mommy War Stories.

Eunice said...

So sorry. Can take about anything but throwing up. Now that is behind you, just think, your constitutions are stronger. ROFL Never will have that one again. I hate stomach viruses. When you have a big family it takes about 2 weeks to get through the whole family. I remember getting upset with Leah for being so cranky when she was a baby and then figuring out later that she had been sick. Feel your pain. :) Thanks for sharing.

Tasha said...

Nellie - that's good your girls have strong tummys! :) Although fever are no fun either! LOL, Red Lobseter is not the ideal place to throw up! That would be bad! :) Although, at least you could leave and not have to clean it up yourself! ;)

Eunice - I bet you had some bad bugs with lots of little kiddos! That would be so hard with big families. I wasn't sure what to do with 3! :) But as my husband so thoughtfully puts it "What doesn't kill ya make you stronger"! :) It's a good thing kids are so loving and naturally forgiving isn't it???