Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The rest of my week

Yes, this was a hard week but there were some good things in it too! Jason left on Wednesday and so we spent the day just hanging out. Sheila came over for the evening because Brian had school so we had dinner and played and some baby holding! Friday we spend the morning getting ready for our weekend in Boise. On our way we stopped at Katie's house and spent some time playing with her and the boys. We had a lot of fun although Katie and I didn't get a whole lot of visitng in. There are a lot of kids between the two of us! :)

After that we headed off to Melba for Uncle Jacobs bball game. He played a GREAT game! It was fun to watch and the kids did great! Or course it took a bunch of us to control the busy busy babies! :)

Saturday was one of my favorite parts of the weekend. We went to IHOP for breakfast. Grandpa Jones, Mom and Dad, Me, Jacob and the babies! It was so fun! Again, the kids were really well behaved and seemed to enjoy being out and the yummy food we ordered!

Sunday we went to church. That was an adventure! The kids are were good, they are just getting loud and hard to make them sit still. We are working on it though...After church my parents had some company over so the kids napped and we visited (I slipped a 2 hour nap in there but other than that I visited!) After they left my Grandma, Granpda and Aunt Jean came over to see the babies for a while. Then Kristen and Sage came over and we all watched football for a while.

Monday we headed home and spent the evening with Aunt Boo, who so graciously stays over night with me as often as I need it!

That's most of our week. We always have such a good time staying in Boise with my Mom and Dad! Love them!!

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