Sunday, January 3, 2010

Merry Christmas - Part 3

And on to our 3rd Christmas! It was a busy year! We went over to Boise on Christmas afternoon to spend some time with my Mom and Dad and my Jones Grandparents. It was nice a low key. Some yummy snacks, visiting and present opening.

Bianca just chilling
My Mom found this tea set for Madison and she LOVES it! She walks around all day with the little singing tea pot! The boys really like it too..... :)

Not really sure what he's doing...

Our Christmas chaos! :)

Uncle Jacob - he's a GREAT uncle! Couldn't ask for better than him!

Grandpa Jones - a VERY special guy!!

Grammy and Blake opening presents

THe kids love playing Grammys piano

Grandpa and Madison have a special bond!

Mom making us some yummy treats!
It was a nice time! So glad that we have such WONDERFUL close loving family to spend the holidays with! Doesn't get any better!

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