Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just a random update on some cute things the babies have been doing! I have got to be better at recording this stuff! Life is flying by SO fast and I forget so easily even what last week was like let alone anything else! :)

  • Cam continues to be my little comedian! He was born to laugh an dmake others laugh! He cracks me up all day!
  • He has started running up to me, grabbing my legs and saying in the sweetes little voice "HI! HI! HI!" SO cute!

  • He has learned to play peek-a-boo! He finds a wall and gets on one side and leans back and forth just laughing the whole time!
  • He is QUITE the chatter box! He talks ALL DAY! Words you can actually understand are Apple, Aunt Boo, Baby (his favorite!) Uh-Oh, Momma, Daddy, Dog.
  • He has mastered car and truck noises complete with a little spit! He also likes to bark like the VEEERRRY annoying dog that lives next door who barks ALL day long. That's where he learned it! :)
  • He is learning to spit, I mean blow, on his hot food! :)

  • Blake is my quiet little handful! For as shy and reserved as this little guy is he packs an atittude in him! :)
  • He has started walking around the house, in a very high pitched voice saying , "ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhh over and over again! So sweet!

  • He will find the tiniest little spec of something on the floor and walk all over the house to find me and give it to me!

  • He also very obediently brings me anything he thinks he should or that I ask for. He will even take trash or something from the other kids and bring it to me.

  • Blake is VERY shy and does not like people he doesn't know AT ALL! He looses it if I leave him in the nursery or even at home with someone he is not very comfortable with.
  • He LOVES his blanket! Sometimes, his blanket fixes things I can't! Not sure how I feel about that...

  • This girl eats circles around the boys! She loves her food and she can put it away. I am not sure where it goes but she does it!
  • When she gets excited it is SO cute! She just laughs and laughs, and screeches and shakes her arms like crazy! She is so funny!
  • She is getting very good with directios. She is learning to go and do what we ask her too.

  • She loves her brothers, loves to give them loves!! (They are all pretty good at loving on each other!)
  • She HATES socks! She gets them off her feet the second she can get to them. She also hates her clothes. She follows me around tugging on her clothes begging me to take them off. And once those are off, she goes after her diaper. I don't know about this kid. I am a little worried! :)

  • She has such a fiesty personality - I don't know where she got but it's going to keep us laughing and crying for the rest of our lives!

They are all three very attached to me right now. I love and get very frustrated with it all at the same time. It can get pretty complicated when you have 3 little babies desiring mommys attention all at once. Especially now that they are getting too big to hold all at once. It can get pretty hectic when they all want me. It makes me feel pretty special though - to see how much they love me! :) When I sit on the floor though, wow it get's to be a rodeo! I get climbed on, jumped on, pulled this way and that way. But I wouldn't trade it for the world!

They are all teething again right now too. Madison has four coming in, 2 bottom and 2 top. Cam has three coming in 2 top and 1 bottom. Blake has one coming in on the bottom. 1 very crooked teeny tiny little tooth! It's pretty funny!

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