Saturday, January 9, 2010

I just realized why I made goals NOT resolutions for this year. Cause goals are something to work towards, if I made a resolution to be more patient with my kids I would have blown it already! Tonight is not going so well. I am BEYOND exhausted! My whole body hurts I am so tired. It's hard work being a single mom to triplets when they DO sleep but when they don't....... I am sitting here typing listening to my second kid (Madison has already had her turn and is hopefully done for the night) cry and cry and wondering what I should do, as I join in the crying, and if I am going to get any sleep tonight and how in the world am I going to handle tomorrow. Thank goodness for my parents - they are right here with me helping me through when Jason can't be here! I just feel so helpless as the mom not knowing what they need or what I should do or if it requires discipline. This may sound like a comlpaining post - it's not, it's just how it is.

Well, only time will tell! It's finally quiet, for now......

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